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Meet The Guys Behind A Different Kind Of Comedy Show
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Meet The Guys Behind A Different Kind Of Comedy Show

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Updated: 30 December 2016
The Yeah Buddy Awesome Time Comedy Show, run by Jason Melton and Dave Losso, is not your ordinary comedy night. It’s an unmissable, free, BYOB monthly comedy event set in a comic book store, Brainstorm Comics. It is a mixture of established acts, local up-and-coming stand-ups, and some unexpected comedic mashups.

TCT: What inspired you to start this comedy night?

JM and DL: We got to the point where we wanted to get out of the open mic scene and perform in front of regular audiences. Starting a showcase somewhere in a non-bar setting seemed ideal. Since Dave wrote comic books for a while, he had a connection to Brainstorm Comics. We just started booking the funniest people we knew and Brainstorm provided the perfect space to create a laid-back environment for both the audience and comics, where we could do the show exactly the way we wanted.

TCT: What has been the most memorable act so far?

JM and DL: We thought it would be really funny for a magician to perform accompanied by a hip-hop hype man. So we paired up an amazing mind-reader named Mark Toland with comedian Darius Kennedy performing as his character ‘Dook Breeze,’ and it created some very special chaos.

TCT: What’s next for the Yeah Buddy Awesome Time Comedy Show?

JM and DL: To continue to provide a positive comedy experience for the city’s best audience and try new and interesting things. For example, the Dook Breeze/Mark Toland mashup was fantastic. We might also try some alternative show formats. Recently, we let comedian Mike Knish take over the show. He made the night into a dream-reality by triggering a trippy video, ambient music, and vocal reverb on-and-off throughout the show. The audience loved it. We would love to keep a solid base of stand-up comedy and braid it with experimentation. As long as it’s fun.

TCT: What is the last movie you would watch?

DL: Jaws. It’s a perfect film and I’ll throw hands to defend that.

TCT: What is your favorite travel destination?

JM: I haven’t been everywhere, but I loved visiting Austin. There were a lot of girls with blue hair and single-occupancy bathrooms.

TCT: What is the most memorable moment of your career?

DL: Hosting the first Yeah Buddy for sure. I’d never felt that way before. Like I kissed the girl at the homecoming.

JM: Yeah, I’ll never forget that night. After the adrenaline wore off, me and Dave hung out in a bar, completely drained, but completely high off the success of the show. It’s still 1000% vivid in my memory.

TCT: How would you describe the Yeah Buddy Awesome Time Comedy Show in 80 characters?

JM and DL: A free BYOB comedy party in a comic book store.

TCT: Dark humor or situational?

DL: Situational.

JM: Dark humor.

TCT: Monty Python or Saturday Night Live?

DL: Monty Python.

JM: Monty Python.

TCT: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The Importance of Being Earnest?

DL: Hitchhiker’s Guide.

JM: Hitchhiker’s Guide.

TCT: 007: Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?

DL: Daniel Craig.

JM: Sean Connery.

TCT: Coffee or hot chocolate?

DL: Hot chocolate.

JM: Coffee.

TCT: Laser GPS tracker or night vision goggles?

DL: Night vision goggles.

JM: Night vision goggles. I already have GPS on my phone.