The Best Burger Restaurants In Chicago, Illinois

The Best Burger Restaurants In Chicago, Illinois
Take a break from the endless deep dish pizza with another American classic, the hamburger. Chicago has plenty of restaurants specializing in burgers, and is even home to some of the best burgers in the country. Here is a guide to the best places in Chicago to find a juicy bite to eat.

Kuma’s Corner

Built in 2005, Kuma’s Corner has spent the last decade perfecting their burgers and serving them in Rock ‘n’ Roll style. The menu features a selection of 16 different burgers each named after popular bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Metallica. The owners of the restaurant strongly believe in helping the community and feature different charities each month, so, “Support your community. Eat beef. Bang your head.”

Lockdown Bar and Grill

Located in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, Lockdown Bar and Grill is the place to go for lovers of burgers, beer and music. The bar is equipped with 14 television sets and surround sound, and each one features a different recorded concert instead of the typical sports game. The menu features 18 different types of burgers from natural beef that is ground daily for ultimate freshness. Guests can try flavors such as the Lockdown Warden, which includes bacon, leeks, truffle oil and cheddar, or the Arson, with jalepeno, habanero and hot sauce for the ultimate kick.

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Cortland’s Garage

The friendly staff and a mouth watering aroma greets all visitors to Cortland’s Garage. The restaurant features a menu with eight different types of burgers to sample, and even provides gluten-free buns upon request so no one in the group has to feel left out. Each month, they feature a ‘Burger of the Month,’ so there is always a new surprise with each visit.

Marc Burger

A quaint little burger joint located on the seventh floor of Macy’s, Marc Burger is the place to go for a classic burger and shake combo. Each burger is made from grass-fed beef and piled with homemade ketchup and pickles. There are also several different varieties to taste, such as the Kobe Sliders with truffle oil or the Pesto and Mozzarella. Guests can complete the meal with an order of garlic pepper fries and a creamy milkshake or float.

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Au Cheval

A chic diner with an open kitchen and a small yet complex menu, Au Cheval is not the type of place that immediately comes to mind when thinking about hamburgers, and yet it has one of the most sought after burgers in the country. Au Cheval has been named in the Food Network’s article on the ‘Top 5 Burgers of 2015‘ and in USA Today’s ‘10 Best: Awesome Burgers Across America.’ The burgers are comprised of the perfect ratio of bread, meat and cheese, and are full of juicy flavor, making it normal for people to wait over three hours for their meal – so arrive early.