A Walk Around Chicago in 19 Perfect Instagrams

Chicago sunset | © Ferdinand Stöhr / Unsplash
Picture of Tim Marklew
Updated: 29 May 2017
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Chicago is home to some incredible artists and photographers whose work often hangs in the city’s many art galleries and exhibition spaces. But they’re not the only ones taking stunning of pictures of Chicago. Some of the best new photographs of the Windy City are on Instagram, where people are documenting their day-to-day lives with often extraordinary results.

Living in a beautiful and sprawling city offers endless opportunities to take an incredible shot, and that often begins with the city’s famed architecture, which provides numerous combinations of lines, shapes, colors, and light to capture. With skyscrapers and high-rises built over a 130-year period, there’s plenty of variety to work with.


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Angles 📐

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Unsurprisingly, the lakefront and Chicago Riverwalk are just as popular with Chicago’s photographers as they are with the rest of the city. The color of the water, the reflections, and the movement all make for a unique shot.

Chicago’s Instagrammers, using their creativity and skill, are always finding exciting ways to show the city in a new light, discovering compelling compositions among locations most people walk past every day.

ay ay.

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Glass ceiling

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hope everyone has a good week!

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There are also some pretty daredevil photographers out there, boldly going where few have been and showing the city from new vantage points. These guys know no limits in their search for a great photo.

Happy Friday! 🤗

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💯 racks bursting out the wrapper

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The changing weather conditions of Chicago ensure seasonal variety, as the city moves from a blanket of white snow and gray skies in the winter months to glorious blue skies and golden light in the summer, with every condition in between.

Do you miss the snow ❄️ I don't. #chicagosnow #bringmesummer

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Raise the bar | @_ncrawford_

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Through the fog and mist

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And, of course, the people of Chicago interacting with each other and the city around them provides an ever-changing and captivating subject matter.

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