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11 Must See Music Videos From OK Go

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Updated: 7 March 2016
The band OK Go is famous for its music videos. Using vibrant colors, wacky gimmicks, and most importantly, catchy music, OK Go has created a legacy of music videos unlike any other, and the band has come a long way since its modest beginnings in Chicago in the 1990s. Below, we’ve listed OK Go’s most impressive music videos.


‘Here It Goes Again’

This is the music video that made OK Go known for their music videos, and it even went on to win a Grammy. The band performs a unique dance using treadmills, and this video was a pioneer of the modern viral video movement.

‘The Writing’s On the Wall’

While the writing might be on the wall, it also plays a continuous trick on your mind. This music video is another continuously shot piece, which is built around members of the band taking the camera through various optical illusions.


OK Go has been revolutionizing music videos for a decade, but ‘Needing/Getting’ might be their most revolutionary way of breaking down how a song can be played. Instead of traditional instruments, the band uses a customized car and track to recreate the song in a one of a kind performance.

‘This Too Shall Pass’

This song actually has two extremely different videos! In one, the camera follows the motion of an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, and in the other, a marching band that is seemingly without end emerges from the ground.

‘White Knuckles’

In this music video the dogs steal the show — literally. For this song, the band takes a supporting role and creates an ever-changing environment for trained dogs to perform various tricks.


There are few music videos in the world as trippy as OK Go’s ‘WTF?’ and it may well make you say ‘wtf?’ yourself. Another continuous take video, this one uses a delayed image effect to create a continually changing background based on the movements of the band.

‘Last Leaf’

We’re pretty confident you’ve never seen animation like this before. Instead of using pen and paper or computer-generated imagery, this short’s chosen medium is, incredibly, toast — many, many pieces of toast.

‘Do What You Want’

This video might initially remind you of Lady Gaga’s red lace mask at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but actually, this music video predates that outfit by two years. With costumed individuals dancing, hula hooping and even riding Segways, you’ve never seen the wallpaper move like this before.

‘All Is Not Lost’

While this video is impressive in its own right, it is also innovative, as it is OK Go’s first interactive music video. In it, OK Go and several dancers create patterns and words with their bodies through detailed choreography.


‘Upside Down & Inside Out’

OK Go’s newest one-take music video is their most revolutionary yet, which is saying something. ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’ was shot in zero gravity aboard a reduced gravity aircraft, and just like ‘Here It Goes Again,’ the video is one continuous shot, making these mid-air antics even more impressive.

by April McCallum