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© Jayhay2336/Flickr
© Jayhay2336/Flickr
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10 Most Beautiful Views Of 'Cloud Gate'

Picture of April McCallum
Updated: 4 November 2016
Cloud Gate, or more commonly known as “The Bean,” has been a popular monument in Chicago for almost a decade. Artist Anish Kapoor was inspired by the properties of liquid mercury when creating this iconic sculpture. Through the years, photographers have been able to grab some stunning views of Cloud Gate, so check out some of our favorite photos below.

A fantastic night shot of Cloud Gate with the Chicago skyline in the background.

Even in the rain, Cloud Gate still looks beautiful.

From the side, Cloud Gate’s signature bean-like curve disappears and, instead, looks like a glass sphere.

This up-close shot of ‘the Bean’ reflecting the city skyline makes for a beautiful photo.

Living up to its name, the clouds in the sky are beautifully reflected on top of Cloud Gate.

Since it is made out of stainless steel, Cloud Gate is able to reflect some of the surrounding Chicago skyline.

Chicago winters don’t stop Cloud Gate from looking magnificent.

Cloud Gate’s 12-foot-high arch allows visitors to step inside and see their reflection.

An interesting abstract shot taken from directly underneath Cloud Gate.

Cloud Gate looks great both in color and black and white.