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© Treefort Music Fest/Flickr
© Treefort Music Fest/Flickr
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Treefort: Boise’s Call Of The Festival Wild

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Updated: 17 December 2016
There’s less than a week left to prepare for what has become one of Boise’s biggest cultural events: Treefort Music Fest. This call of the festival wild is celebrating its fifth anniversary in grand style by continuing to expand not only its musical lineup but many of its other offerings. Let’s take a look at what’s going down in Downtown Boise March 23-27.

All the Music

Many of the venues of Treefort host multiple simultaneous shows. Lucky for the dedicated festival goers, there’s not only a handy lineup schedule, but there’s also an app for that. Available for both Android and iOS, the app allows you to curate playlists of Treefort artists and even send them to friends. Fans can even search the Lineup page for local artists. There are quite a few, including well-known indie band Built To Spill.

All the Forts

While many of the festival-goers come for the music, they also come for the food and drink. Thankfully, the Treefort folks have thought of that. In addition to its parent fort, there are 10 other forts at Treefort this year, including the newest: Foodfort. A partner to Alefort, which has been around for four years, Foodfort will focus on food culture and industry in Idaho. There will be panels on wine, food, and even coffee.

For fans who are more into tech, one of Treefort’s biggest non-arts successes is Hackfort. Building on the fact that app development is one of the best entrepreneurial industries in today’s market, Hackfort hosts Hackathon. This event encourages developers of all levels to create an app based on a specific call to action. This year’s call comes from the Boise Bicycle Project, and asks developers to create an app for getting around the City of Trees without four wheels.

All the Green

No, not that green, though Treefort makes plenty of it. The other green, as in reduce, reuse, and all that other green stuff. Every year, the Treefort team adds to its green initiatives, which promote sustainability during the festival. Treefort’s Green Team are volunteers and sponsors who donate their time and services to the sustainability of the festival. This includes reducing the carbon footprint of the Main Stage, on Grove Street.

All the Other Stuff

Does all this craziness sound like fun? There’s still plenty of time to book your travel and get your festival tickets. There are plenty of festival admission options, from day passes to the Zipline, which won’t get its holder on a zipline, but will zip him to the front of the line at any show he likes, for the whole festival.

The downtown hotels might already be full, but it never hurts to check. Treefort fans can always grab a Boise Green Bike if they’re from out-of-town and don’t want to walk or drive. Parking downtown during Treefort is non-existent, and even if you’re a local, you ride your bike. It’ll save a headache during Treefort, and it’s more fun anyway.

If you can’t make it to Treefort, or you want to see more before making up your mind, visit one of the Festival’s many social media sites. Its YouTube channel hosts proprietary videos as well as content from the lineup artists. Even if you won’t be at Treefort this year, you’ll get to enjoy the experience from afar.