The Top 10 Restaurants In Lahaina, Maui

The Top 10 Restaurants In Lahaina, Maui
Located on the exotic island of Maui, the most visited Hawaiian island, Lahaina offers exciting activities and events, ranging from visiting beautiful beaches and hiking to remarkable waterfalls, to dining in cultural restaurants. In an update to our previous article listing Lahaina’s best restaurants, we bring you 10 more must visit island venues.
Lemon Pepper Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Salsa © TheBusyBrain/Flickr

Aloha Mixed Plate

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Aloha Mixed Plate
Aloha Mixed Plate | © Kris Nelson/Flickr
Mixing a variety of dishes brought by the different Asian ethnic groups who originally immigrated to Hawaii, Aloha Mixed Plate is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, where the best of Maui and Asian cultures meet. Its menu offers hard-to-resist meals, from Aloha Mixed Plate’s award-winning appetizer of coconut prawns served with pineapple chutney, to the freshly made chow noodle, served with teriyaki beef and Chinese peas, or the Aloha Mixed Plate signature dish ─ a mix of shoyu chicken, fresh fish and beef teriyaki. Also on offer are Aloha signature drinks. Whether coming for a casual launch or for dinner, Aloha Mixed Plate is the place to dine while looking out at the blue waters of the local Maui beach.
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Fleetwood’s On Front St.

With its traditional rooftop sunset ceremony of Hawaiian chanting and storytelling, and its award-winning wine list, Fleetwood’s On Front St. is a hard place to miss. Founded by the British musician Mick Fleetwood, its menu offers local cuisine with an international touch. Its light lunch menu is filled with options such as the grilled mahi sandwich and the lobster bun. Its traditional dinner menu features further traditional and classic Fleetwood’s dishes, such as the roasted kurobuta pork chop, the grilled salmon, and the eggplant parmesan. On the weekend, the popular weekend brunch menu serves dishes such as sweet crepes, or Fleetwood’s signature Belgian waffles.

Fleetwood’s On Front St. 744 Front St, Lahaina, HI, USA, +1 808 669 6425


Managed by the Ellman family, HONU is located by the shore of Lahaina’s blue waters. The elegant traditional Hawaiian décor makes HONU a must-try place for the seafood or pizza for lunch or dinner, or just to enjoy cocktails with family and friends. HONU’s menu has items for everyone, with its speciality seafood dishes, such as the fried Pacific oyster sandwich served with coleslaw, frites and Korean aioli, or the white gulf shrimp and asparagus ala plancha served with mojo verde and tomato caper salsa. For a more traditional option, HONU serves a variety of signature brick-oven pizzas with the guests’ choice of topping.

Hula Grill Kaanapali

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'The Cake Walk' appetizer at Lahaina Grill
'The Cake Walk' appetizer at Lahaina Grill | Courtesy Lahaina Grill
Hula Grill Kaanapali is an authentic Hawaiian restaurant with adjoining outdoor barefoot bar, where guests can enjoy a drink while dipping their feet in the sands and looking at the Molokai and Lanai beach views. The restaurant serves a menu that offers exquisite local Hawaiian recipes made up of local products and freshly caught island seafood. Choose the lobster and scallop potstickers, the Hula Grill traditional lemon ginger roasted chicken, or the organic miso tofu served with local vegetables. There are also traditional desserts. When it comes to the Hula Grill Kaanapali bar menu, there is a wide selection of local and imported beers, along with signature craft drinks. There are Aloha hours and live entertainment programmes.
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Lahaina Grill

A contemporary all-American bistro, Lahaina Grill uses the finest ingredients from around the globe, and from local Hawaiian farmers, to bring its customers exciting meals. Lahaina Grill first opened in the 1990s and then expanded. Surrounded by Maui local artist Jan Kasprzycki’s paintings, its atmosphere and high quality service has made Lahaina Grill one of the most respected and award-winning restaurants on the island of Maui. Along with its great service, Lahaina Grill’s menu consists of innovative American recipes with a local Maui touch, along with the company of the best Hawaiian coffee and the finest desserts.


Longhi’s was founded by Boob Longhi in 1976, whose passion was to bring together his favourite recipes and a friendly atmosphere. Since its opening, Longhi’s has been considered one of the finest restaurants on the island. Along with having its own book (Longhi’s: Recipes and Reflections from Maui’s Most Opinioned Restaurateur), Longhi’s is the recipient of various excellence awards. Longhi’s menu is made up of traditional recipes, so whether you’re looking for a casual breakfast or a rich dinner, the restaurant offers a variety of local and global dishes and desserts, accompanied by a selection of imported wines.

Old Lahaina Luau

Offering the ultimate traditional Hawaiian experience, Old Lahaina Luau is the place to be. Old Lahaina Luau brings the traditional Hawaiian festival and dance performance, the luau, to its guests in an exotic and colourful atmosphere. During the wait for the luau programme to begin, guests have the chance to explore the magical landscape of Old Lahaina Luau, and to participate in various activities led by the Old Lahaina Luau staff. When the luau begins, guests can enjoy a full buffet menu, including famous Maui-style mahi-mahi, Hawaiian sweet potato, island crab salad, and the popular Kalua Pua’a ─ pork roasted underground in traditional Hawaiian-style.

Old Lahaina Luau, 1251 Front St, Lahaina, HI, USA, +1 808 667 1998


A beachfront restaurant, Pacific’o is the perfect place to experience Lahaina’s beach atmosphere while enjoying contemporary cuisine. Pacific’o’s ‘farm-to-table’ menu is led by its head chef Anton Haine, who is considered one of Maui’s finest rising chefs. He is dedicated to crafting signature dishes made from fresh local ingredients and seafood, such as the Korean taco, the lamb duo consisting of roasted lamb chops served with tamarin tahini, lamb rillete and demi-galde with mashed potato, or the Pacifi’o speciality dish ─ coconut-crushed mahi, made of toasted coconut and crushed macadamia nuts, served with jasmine rice and Thai peanut coconut sauce. Along with its carefully crafted dishes, Pacific’o also offers a selection of international imported wines and signature cocktails.

Penne Pasta Café

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A homey restaurant serving southern Italian cuisine, Penne Pasta Café is located in the heart of Lahaina. The menu offers a variety of savoury Italian dishes, from wild spaghetti with chicken parmesan and oven-roasted butternut squash, to authentic pizzas and flatbreads such as the salami, tomato and mozzarella, or the warm focaccia topped with balsamic and olive oil dip. Penne Pasta Café’s own special recipes are also served each day of the week, such as the lamb osso bucco served with pasta, shrimp pasta, or the roasted chicken.
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Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Brought by Japanese who immigrated to Hawaii, shave ice is a traditional delicacy for anyone looking for the real Aloha experience. That is exactly what Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice offers to its regular guests and first-time visitors, with four locations in Maui; two in Lahaina, and others in Kahului and Kihei. Considered to be one of the finest shave ice places on the island and award-winning, Ululani’s uses 100% pure cane sugar and offers more than 30 local Hawaiian and global flavours. The quality of its shave ice and its location makes Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice highly recommended.