17 Instagrammers in Hawaii to Follow Right Now

© GE Keoni
© GE Keoni
Photo of GE Keoni
22 July 2017

Hawaii is composed of tiny islands, each of which is unique in its own way. There is no shortage of dramatic mountains, postcard-perfect beaches, and hidden valleys, and the talented photographers who call this paradise home have captured it all. Here are Culture Trip’s 17 Hawaiian Instagrammers who will make you want to jump on the next flight to the islands.

Clark Little – @clarklittle

Known for his epic wave shots, Clark Little puts himself in front of massive shore breaks to bring you the most unbelievable pictures and videos. He gives you a perspective that regular beach goers would not experience, that of looking inside the barrel of a wave.

🌊 #shorebreak #clarklittle 🆑

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Brooke Dombroski – @brooklynhawaii

From dreamy sunsets to perfect deserted beaches, Brooke showcases it all. Based out of Haleiwa, Oahu, this creative sure knows how to make someone dream of the islands from thousands of miles away.

Yesterday's sunset gave me all kinds of feels 😍 Happy Lei Day! 💕💕💕

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Uheheu – @uheheu

If you love whales, then Uheheu will keep you entertained for hours. Capturing nature’s biggest creatures from the sky, Uheheu posts videos of whales swimming, playing and diving into the deep blue ocean. His videos will leave you in awe, as you marvel at how graceful these gentle giants are.

Juan Oliphant – @juansharks

If you’ve ever been curious about sharks, or just love them in general, then professional underwater photographer Juan Oliphant will make your head spin. Showcasing the natural beauty and curiosity of sharks, you can find people diving, swimming, and coexisting with these beautiful marine apex predators, which, in turn, destroys the notion that sharks are mindless man-eating machines.

Nainoa, Makana, and Kapono – @threeifbysea

A trio of brothers run this epic Instagram, and they all show the world their adventures around the Hawaiian Islands. Find them hiking in the mountains, shooting playful dolphins underwater, or relaxing in peaceful valleys.

Marina Chayka – @eastern_import

Marina Chayka makes dreamy pictures of Hawaii look even better by combining all the best elements of the islands into one picture; this is her specialty. Her Instagram will leave you speechless as you scroll through hundreds of her perfect pictures.

Tom Kualii – @tomkualii

Tom’s Instagram is almost as hot as the lava he shoots. If you want to see the most active volcano in the world, head over to this account for dreamy pictures of peaceful, flowing lava.

Nainoa Langer – @nainoalanger

Videographer Nainoa Langer makes insane video edits that will leave you frothing for more adventure in your life. Cliff diving, extreme hikes, boat rides, concerts—you name it, and Nainoa will shoot it. Nainoa really knows how to showcase Hawaii’s beauty in motion.

Palm trees and day dreams🌴@hokunichols #stoked #beautifuldestinations

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Chelsea Yamase – @chelseakauai

Chelsea’s pictures of the beautiful island of Kauai truly showcase the Garden Isle in all its glory. Her profile will also make you want to keep active; after about three photos, you’ll want to sprint up the nearest mountain and see these views for yourself.

Jimmy Wilkinson – @opticalhi

Get a bird’s-eye view of the islands with Jimmy of Opticalhi, who shows you how beautiful these tiny little islands are from the sky. Using his drone, he captures different perspectives of the islands that we aren’t used to seeing, reminding us why we love these incredible beaches so much.

Brent Bielmann – @brentbielmann

With epic underwater and surf photography, Brent allows you to see the most popular sport in Hawaii in a different way than from the shoreline. Looking at these pictures, you’ll feel as though you are watching from the surf line.

@lfioravanti ✖️pipeline 🇮🇹 @quiksilver

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Vince Lim – @vincelimphoto

If you’re into beautiful bright colors, then Vince’s account is the one to follow. Almost every photo will make you wish you were there to experience the warm sun on your face.

Dylan – @dyllazo

Amazing photos from the land and the ocean, Dylan dazzles his followers with dreamlike water shots. His photos will make you think that you’re swimming in a beautiful endless blue pool.

Looks can be deceiving

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Chad Koga – @chadkoga

You can find most of Chad’s pictures coming from the beautiful north shore of Kauai, and if you’ve ever been there, you’ll know there is no other place like it on Earth. It has some of the most dramatic landscapes and backdrops, and he does an amazing job of showcasing its beauty.

Friday at last 🐬

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Bruce Omori – @bruceomori

This account is another one with lava shots that will make your head spin. If you want to see lava from different perspectives, then give Bruce a follow. He will show you lava from a boat, from land, from the air, and from the ocean.

Dedy – @dedy808

If you’re into lush green jungle shots of waterfalls and valleys, then Dedy’s photos are sure to impress. Usually hiking in the mountains, Dedy shows his viewers that Hawaii has so much more to offer than just a pretty beach.

Capt. Kevin Tinneny – @thesearaider

North Shore Waimea Bay lifeguard, fisherman, and boat captain—Kevin sure knows how to make a living on the island look fun. From swimming with tiger sharks to wrestling down gigantic fish and even braving 20-foot (six-meter) Hawaiian waves to keep people safe, this Instagram will sure bring out the extreme adventurer in all of us.

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