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The Best Brunch Spots In Atlantic Station, Atlanta
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The Best Brunch Spots In Atlantic Station, Atlanta

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Updated: 2 November 2016
Located at the junction of two major interstate highways, Atlantic Station is a lively spot that contains some great options for brunch, whether taking a break from your day, or just passing through. We list some of the best places for a bite to eat here.

West Egg Café

West Egg offers some of Atlanta’s best meals for breakfast. This immensely popular, modern brunch spot is attractively decorated and nestled directly off of Howell Mill Road, very close to the heart of Atlantic Station itself. The coffee is fresh, the biscuits are fluffy, and the price is fair.

Address & telephone number: West Egg Café, 1100 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 872 3973

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The retro constructs and warm interior are more than inviting at Chick-a-Biddy conversation. Whether amenable to wood grilled, white meat or a more simple fried chicken sandwich, patrons will find that Chick-a-Biddy’s menu contains an eye-popping range of options.

Address & telephone number: Chick-a-Biddy, 264 19th Street, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 588 1888

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With a diverse and developed menu that simultaneously caters its fair share of classics, Midtown Atlanta’s Diner delivers excellent diner fare and all day breakfast. Pork chops, meatloaf, and lobster cakes can be chased with a succulent carrot cake, apple pie, or timeless ice cream sundae. For a southern themed sandwich, focus on the BBQ Springer Mountain Chicken, which is covered in Tillamook cheddar, served on a soft bun, and topped with fried green tomatoes. Opening at 7 am during the week and closing at 10 pm, there is plenty of time to experience all that Diner has to offer.

Address & telephone number: Diner, 261 19th Street #1180-B, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 600 6151

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Silver Skillet

Silver Skillet’s appetizing and masterfully prepared dishes date back to its opening in 1956. Beyond the eggs, grits, and gravy is their famed lemon icebox pie. With a long list of classic breakfast sides to choose from and more than enough seats to accommodate the Sunday morning crowds it draws, Silver Skillet is a great spot.

Address & telephone number: Silver Skillet, 200 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 874 1388

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The Pig & the Pearl

This smokehouse grill falls within the crossroads of Atlantic Station and has a knack for craft cocktails. It runs specials at the bar often and has an up to date, fashionable interior setup. The restaurant combines fresh smoked salmon, brisket, pork, and pleasant outdoor patio seating to create a highly original, culinary environment.

Address & telephone number: The Pig & the Pearl, 1380 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, USA, + 1 404 541 0930

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Front Page News

Tavern style dining. Brunch on the patio. A build your own Bloody Mary bar. This breakfast and brunch hub has got it all. As far as the taste, it’s where New Orleans meets Atlanta, its menu complete with crab cakes Benedict and a Cajun crawfish omelet. Secure a seat on the airy patio and enjoy the warm weather Atlanta and New Orleans share so closely in common.

Address & telephone number: Front Page News, 1104 Crescent Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 897 3500

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South City Kitchen

South City Kitchen has a forward style that fits its urban location. The sophisticated restaurant stands amid Atlanta’s city skyscrapers. The drink menu is developed but not overwhelming, portions are large across the board, and classic southern dishes like chicken and waffles line the entrée menu.

Address & telephone number: South City Kitchen, 1144 Crescent Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA, USA, + 1 404 873 7358