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11 Stereotypes Every Atlantan Hates

Atlanta skyline from Piedmont Park
Atlanta skyline from Piedmont Park | seanpinto
We all have them about various regions and states. Whether they’re partially true or not, stereotypes can not only be annoying, they can be offensive as well. The population in Atlanta and its surrounding areas is estimated at 5.8 million. With a population that large, it’s hard to paint Atlanta natives and its residents with one brush stroke. From their accents to their eating habits, here are 11 misconceptions every Atlanta native hates to hear.

Atlantans aren’t educated

Maybe the generalization came from hearing the southern drawl, but this stereotype has been around for decades. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Home to prestige universities including Emory University, Spelman College, Morehouse College and Agnes Scott, Atlanta prides itself in its legacy in academia.

Graduation at Emory Law School EmoryLawPhotos

We all have the same political beliefs

This stereotype was perpetuated by the Atlanta’s Civil War legacy, but not everyone agreed with the Confederacy. With the shifting demographics and the increasing migration to the metropolis, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Politics in the city is evolving, complex and anything but predictable.

Everyone drinks Coke

Home to the Coca-Cola Company and a museum dedicated to the soft drink, Atlanta is proud of its homegrown business. But everyone who lives in Atlanta doesn’t enjoy the beverage. And not every restaurant serves it.

Coke bottles at the World of Coke in Atlanta Josh Hallett

There’s no diversity

This is definitely one of biggest misconceptions about the South. Not only is Atlanta known for its music and art scene, the city offers eclectic, world-class cuisine. Home to the Human and Civil Rights Center, the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the largest gay pride festival in the southeast, Atlanta is rich in diversity and prides itself on its inclusiveness.

The start of the gay pride parade in Atlanta Hotlanta Voyeur

The cuisine is all Southern food

Southern food is delicious and you can find many restaurants specializing in it, but that’s not all Atlanta has to offer. The city’s flourishing food scene is well documented. From French bistros to Irish pubs, the diverse food scene in Atlanta continues to be diverse.

All Atlantans eat meat

A big staple in Southern cooking, all Southerners are believed to be meat-lovers. Southerners are not only know for eating meat, many Southerners even season their vegetables with meat. But like most stereotypes, this is only partially true. Home to restaurants like Soul Vegetarian, Atlanta is proving that not all Southern food has to include meat.

Hip-hop is the only music we listen to

It’s true, Atlanta gave us hip-hop greats like Jermaine Dupri, Outkast and Ludacris, but not all Atlantans enjoy hip-hop. And even the natives who do also listen to other genres of music as well. As proud of Atlanta’s hip-hop legacy as we are, Atlanta’s music scene is eclectic and continues to grow.

Musician on stage in Atlanta Mary Moline

Atlantans aren’t fashionable

Atlanta is definitely not the fashion capital, but locals do enjoy fashion and are quite fashionable. Many high-end fashion designers have opened stores in the southern metropolis noticing the demand. Atlanta is also home to many emerging designers, fashion bloggers and fashion insiders

Everyone in Atlanta acts like the Atlanta Housewives

One of the highest-rated shows, the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is known for its drama. While it may be fun to watch the constant shenanigans, Atlantans have a real problem with people assuming that everyone in the city acts the same way.

Atlanta is referred to as “Hotlanta”

We get it. During the summer months, it gets really hot in the city. But please stop calling it “Hotlanta.”

It’s always hot in Atlanta

This generalization was probably borne out of the nickname mentioned above. Although the summers are really hot, Atlanta does get really cold in the winter. And while the snowfall doesn’t compare to its northern neighbors, the city certainly does see its fair share of snow.

Snow covered street in Atlanta Dennis Matheson