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© FloridaKeysTV/YouTube
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There Was an Underwater Music Festival in Florida and It Looked Magical

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 14 July 2017
If wearing fancy dress and listening to music underwater sounds like something you’d like to do, then this festival in Florida has got you covered.

Every year hundreds of divers and snorkellers have got together for the quirky festival at Looe Key reef, part of the only living coral barrier reef in North America.

Last weekend’s Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival was attended by around 400 people, including the odd mermaid.

Co-founder Bill Becker started the festival in an attempt to raise awareness for coral preservation.

He told ABC: ‘The underwater music festival is a way to celebrate the coral reef, and we celebrate it by looking for a balance between protection of the reef and public enjoyment.

‘The more people realise what’s down there and enjoy it, the more likely they are to protect it.’

© FloridaKeysTV/YouTube

The music, which was streamed through waterproof speakers, included tracks from The Little Mermaid, The Beatles‘ ‘Yellow Submarine’ and the Jaws theme.

Local artist August Powers also created instruments such as a ‘trom-bonefish’ and ‘sea-phan flute’ which were played by diver musicians and mermaids.

Sounds like the music part wasn’t taken so seriously.

Next time can we suggest a headline bill made up of Phish, Noah and the Whale, and Hootie & the Blowfish?