The 7 Best Jazz Clubs In Orlando

Saxophone|© Chris Waits/Flickr
Saxophone|© Chris Waits/Flickr
Orlando is one of the busiest, often overlooked, cities in the world. It’s known for the crowded theme parks, the tourist culture, and the world famous Florida weather, but people visiting this beautiful city often forget about it’s jazz culture. To make sure your next visit is infused with a little sweet sound, here are some of the best jazz clubs, lounges, and off the grid finds Orlando has to offer.

Bösendorfer Lounge

Located in the Grand Bohemian Hotel, the Bösendorfer Lounge might not get a second glance from picky local artists, but it is a gem worth checking out. The atmosphere is upscale and trendy mixed with a slightly underground tone that makes for a night of unforgettable music. The lounge has a full service restaurant menu along with an impressive list of house-made cocktails and specialty drinks. Since it’s far from the cluster of clubs and bars in Downtown Orlando, it’s often not very crowded, making for the perfect after-dinner place to slip into and forget about life for awhile.

Bösendorfer Lounge, Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, Autograph Collection, 325 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 866 663 0024

Timucua White House

Theater, Building
Jazz Band
Jazz Band | © Yohann Legrand /Flickr
Right off of Delaney Park is the Timucua White House. This local mini-theater is known for its rotating and visiting jazz artists and trios, ensuring that each visit will be a different experience. It’s all about the jazz here, no fluffy appetizers or artfully crafted entrees and brews around – just pure, sweet music.
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Jazz Tastings

One of Orlando’s newest clubs is Jazz Tastings off of Lake Avenue in Maitland. The club owners wanted a place for jazz lovers to relax and enjoy gourmet bites while feasting their eyes and ears on low and slow classic jazz. Born from a love of great food, wine, and music, this jazz scene is one that will satisfy any music aficionado’s appetite.

Jazz Tastings, 164 Lake Ave, Maitland, FL, USA, +1 407 661 1190

Winter Park Beer Co.

Jazz can be classy and cool, or smooth and soft, but oftentimes it’s rough, loud, and just a little edgy. The Winter Park Beer Co. taps into this laid-back vibe with two nights of local jazz bands every week. Between the party lights and the snug establishment, it’s easy to feel like you’re spending time checking out the raw talent in a neighborhood kid’s garage. The Beer Co. also serves up some of the best house-made taps that are perfect for sips in between slow head bobs.

Eddie V’s

For an upscale dining experience coupled with an elegant selection of professional jazz, spend a night at Eddie V’s. The classy restaurant turns into a sophisticated jazz club by night, and patrons can enjoy a four-course seafood menu while soaking in an experience of high class jazz and high-palate food.

Heidi’s Jazz Club

Heidi’s Jazz Club has been one of Orlando’s best kept music secrets since 1992. Every Wednesday through Sunday, there’s live music featuring some of the best bands in central Florida. On Sunday nights, there’s Heidi’s Open Jam Session for those bold musicians who want to take a stab at the romantically lit spotlight. The club’s interior, reminiscent of the Blue Note in NYC, is well-stocked with funky art of some of the most well-known jazz musicians.

Heidi’s Jazz Club, 7 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL, USA, +1 321 783 4559

Late Night Jazz Players

Late Night Jazz Players|© Joey Zanotti/Flickr

Natura Coffee & Tea

For a small little dig that packs an indie-jazz punch worth the big cities, spend a Wednesday night at Natura Coffee & Tea. This quaint coffee shop is located in the plaza right across the street from the University of Central Florida and offers up the best of the best in college jazz geniuses weekly. The shop is known for its hippie vibe, expertly crafted coffee, and delicious boba tea.