The 6 Best Yoga Studios In Orlando

Yoga|© Hamza Butt /Flickr
Yoga|© Hamza Butt /Flickr
Yoga is all about finding your flow and connecting with your body. For those new to yoga or new to the city, here are the 6 best yoga studios in Orlando.

Orlando Power Yoga

For yoga that enhances power, strength, and stability, Orlando Power Yoga is the place to go. The studio exclusively features power yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels. For only $40, new students will be able to test out the studio for 40 days. The studio is also known for teaching yoga basics, like the importance of mat cleanliness and stability, for beginners who may be just getting started with the practice.

Orlando Power Yoga, 2415 E South St, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 719 0101

Orlando Power Yoga, 6735 Conroy Rd #101, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 341 7318

Warrior ONE

Yoga Studio
Yoga | © Jon Fife /Flickr
Warrior ONE is a yoga studio that knows that yoga is all about balance with plenty of wiggle room thrown in. The studio offers various yoga classes – hot power yoga, cool flow, basics, gentle, yin yoga, and more – along with meditation and spinning classes. For Orlando natives looking for a yoga studio that can rival a hardcore fitness gym, Warrior ONE is the place to be.
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Guruv Yoga

Guruv Yoga – brought to the Orlando area by Tymi Howard, a yoga instructor who is known to many as “teacher of the teacher,” – will push students in their practice. The classes (featuring power yoga, vinyasa flow, and more) are taught by instructors who encourage students to enjoy their individual practice, rather than just blindly following along in the class. Guruv Yoga also offers training for those interested in becoming instructors themselves.

Guruv Yoga, 8081 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 203 1152

Guruv Yoga, 4498 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 930 2566

Bikram Yoga West Orlando

Bikram yoga, a style of yoga created by Bikram Choudhury, features variations on the traditional hatha style of yoga. Each Bikram class consists of 26 poses and 90 minutes of intense practice. Bikram Yoga West Orlando‘s trained instructors teach this style exclusively. The classes run all day from 6:15am to 7: 45pm.

Bikram Yoga West Orlando, 5302 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 238 0755

Project 7 Yoga

Project 7 Yoga was founded with the idea that yoga should be affordable and accessible to everyone. A drop-in class is only seven dollars, and there are plenty of class options to choose from: hot flow yoga, hot detox yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, and restorative yoga. Classes run all day at varying times, and instructors are known for being incredibly friendly and welcoming to yoga beginners.

Project 7 Yoga, 612 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 203 8936

Yoga|© k4dordy /Flickr

Yoga|© k4dordy /Flickr