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The 10 Best Restaurants In Sunrise, Florida
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Sunrise, Florida

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Updated: 11 November 2017
Sunrise, Florida is located in eastern Broward County, close to some of Miami’s most popular attractions. Suburb living is all about affordable prices and young career families seeking recreational space. Where there is a young professional, there is a great food. Here are ten restaurants in Sunrise that are known for their delicious local fare.
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Sunrise Pita & Grill

Sunrise Pita & Grill serves delectable mini-platters with generous portions of shwarma, shashlik, hummus and eggplant. The restaurant is nothing fancy, with meals being served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery, but the food speaks for itself. Everything is made fresh and they use a local Israeli bakery for their pitas, and their Hebrew-speaking staff add an authentic feel to the venue.

Sunrise Pita and Grill, 2680 N. University Drive, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 748-0090

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Louie K’s Club Sandwich Shop

Louie K’s Club Sandwich Shop looks more like a 1980s disco club than a sub shop, with the black and purple neon lights and autographs of celebrities on the wall of fame. The owner, Louie, takes pride in making his sandwiches from scratch, working by himself and taking his craftsmanship seriously. This means that all of the subs are fresh and made-to-order. Order the ‘kitchen sink’ on garlic bread – it’s their number one recommendation.

Louie K’s Club Sandwich Shop, 2560 N University Drive, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 746-9994

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Ally’s Comfort Café

Ally’s Comfort Cafe is a mom-and-pop family run restaurant; Ally does all the cooking herself and her mother, husband and three children help out on the weekends. The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere with delicious daily specials. For breakfast, order the one-of-a-kind signature pancakes or visit at lunchtime and get the mahi mahi fingers with a side of homemade potato chips.

Ally’s Comfort Café, 1435 W Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, Florida, USA +1 (954) 741-0051

© Courtesy of First Watch
© Courtesy of First Watch
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First Watch

First Watch always has a long line of people waiting to be seated, but don’t worry, free coffee is offered to make the wait easier. Once seated, a pitcher of water and carafe of coffee is brought to the table so customers don’t have to bide their time for refills. Known for its fresh, made-to-order breakfast, brunch and lunch, First Watch showcases an impressive list of ‘best of’ awards. From paleo pleasing to more indulgent fare, the restaurant delivers on their food and service. Order the tri-fecta, which consists of two eggs, a Belgian waffle with cranberries and bananas, and a side order of bacon.

First Watch, 12594 West Sunrise Boulevard, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 846-1313

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Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar offers a varied selection of gourmet burgers, salads, shakes and desserts, alongside an extensive selection of wine. The setting is energetic and fun, with sleek, contemporary interior decor featuring rich wooden and earth tones. Order the Zinburger with manchego cheese & zinfandel braised onions, zucchini fries with parmesan & ranch. Accompany this with a glass of Los Dos Garnacha Syrah.

Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar, 1800 Sawgrass Mills Circle, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 846-9360

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Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant was opened in 1989 by owner and Dim Sum master, Chef Wong. Chef Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong, where he also honed his culinary skills. Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant offers Dim Sum all day, unlike traditional Dim Sum-serving establishments, which only serve the popular dish during breakfast and lunch. Toa Toa is dedicated to making fresh, high-quality Dim Sum and and other classic Chinese dishes, which is why Chef Wong is so well known throughout South Florida.

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant, 1145 NW 88th Avenue, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 746-8833

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Uncle Lui’s Restaurant

Owned and operated by the Bodnar Family, who are of Hungarian decent, Uncle Lui’s serves big portions of Hungarian fare. The restaurant offers family-style dining that fuses European and German dishes like goulash and schnitzel, roast duck, chowders and homemade apple strudel. Once you are seated, the staff brings a basket of different rolls and big potato latkes, served with applesauce and sour cream to the table. Every meal comes with red cabbage and cream of spinach.

Uncle Lui’s, 8318 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 749-1908

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Don Carlin Restaurant

Don Carlin is an unassuming Cuban restaurant tucked away in a shopping center. The restaurant is a great place to sit down and grab a home-cooked Cuban meal, offering a plethora of weekly lunch specials and quick take out options. Order the seafood paella, ropa vieja or lechon asado with rice, black beans and plantains, or for something more simple, try the the media noche sandwich. Accompany your meal with a café con leche or a Jupiña (pineapple soda).

Don Carlin, 11447 W Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 578-1464

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Pho Brandon

Vietnamese is hard to find in South Florida, but luckily Pho Brandon has a solution to this problem, offering an extensive range of five-star dishes besides their renowned Pho, which consists of a flavorful beef bone broth, rice noodle and slices of beef. Pho Brandon uses secret family recipes with 19 different ingredients and 20 hours of cooking time. From the menu, order the Number 37; bun thit nuong Cha gio – char grilled pork and egg roll with vermicelli noodles, pho, thit nuong banh mi, Vietnamese coffee and bubble tea.

Pho Brandon, 2692 North University Drive, Suite 2, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 306-6860

Indo-Chinese dish at Udipi Café, Courtesy of restaurant
Indo-Chinese dish at Udipi Café | Courtesy of Udipi Café
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Udipi Café

This dining establishment offers authentic, vegetarian Indian cuisine, and is rumored to be one of the best Indian restaurants in South Florida. From the daily buffet, order the Dosas – thin crepes that can be enjoyed plain, with coconut chutney or ordered with a potato filling, or the Channa Batura– a thick chick pea stew (Channa), simmered with spices and tomatoes until the chick peas are tender and succulent, served with a fried dough bread (Batura). Finish off your meal with a sweet treat – the mango lassi.

Udipi, 2100 N University Drive, Sunrise, FL, USA +1 (954) 748-5660