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President Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017 © Michael Vadon
President Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017 © Michael Vadon
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Comedian Tim Heidecker's 'Mar-a-Lago' Is the Dumb Theme Song Trump's Retreat Deserves

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 20 March 2017
Comedian Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame released his latest anti-Trump track on Sunday, this time targeting the President’s “Winter White House” of Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Channeling the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” easy listening of Jimmy Buffett at his laziest, Heidecker delivers line after line of gold: “Well, I’m sitting behind my desk in Washington, D.C. / And everyone on cable news is yelling at me / Cause there’s only one place that I wanna go / That’s down underneath the Florida sun in Mar-a-Lago / So call up the tower and tell my wife and son / Have the taxpayers fuel of the Air Force one / Put in place the press embargo / Gotta be left alone to fun and sun in Mar-a-Lago.”

Heidecker’s prior Donald Trump mocking tracks include such tunes as “A Note From Donald J. Trump’s Pilot,” “I Am A Cuck,” and “FINALLY! Merry Christmas My Master Mister Trump!”

“Mar-a-Lago” arrives at the end of yet another one of President Trump’s retreats to the Palm Beach estate, the fifth since his inauguration. Assuming that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago weekend excursions continue at their current pace, and considering that each visit costs tax payers approximately $3.3 million, Consequence of Sound reports that the annual cost in combination with the $1 million per day cost of security for Trump’s family still living in New York will easily exceed the $148 million needed to fund the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) that Trump has suggested should be eliminated.

While playing golf with retired baseball stars in Florida might make Trump feel, as Heidecker proposes in the song’s lyrics, like he’s “got a real big penis,” he should heed his own words: