Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

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1 February 2018

You’ll find many restaurants and cafés around Orlando offering traditional Puerto Rican foods such as chicharrones, arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) and mofongo, so knowing which ones are worthwhile is important when you’re looking for authenticity. To help satisfy your cravings for “Cocina Criolla” (Puerto Rican food), here’s our guide to a few of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Orlando, Florida.

El Meson Sandwiches

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El Mason Sandwiches is a popular chain restaurant in Puerto Rico, and the Orlando location lives up to the hype. Freshly made sandwiches, a great all-day breakfast menu, soups, salads and sides are all made using classic Puerto Rican recipes. Don’t forget to get an island coffee and home-made dessert to go, it’s worth it.

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Melao Bakery

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Melao Bakery aims to celebrate Hispanic and Carribean cuisine at every meal. Start your day with one of their delicious hot cereals, have a classic “papa asadas” (stuffed baked potato) for lunch, or end with a traditional mofongo. If you can’t stay to eat, place your order ahead online so it’s ready to take away when you get there.

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Coqui Snacks

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When nothing but an authentic Puerto Rican dessert will do, stop by Coqui Snacks for home-made frituras, limbers, mini-donuts and other sweet snacks from the island. Coqui Snacks is a quaint little cafe and bakery that also offers coffee maltas, and on the weekends you can get hand-made “pinchos” and tostones.

Marita's Latin Bites

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Offering fresh, affordable and authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, including healthy vegetarian options, Marita’s Latin Bites is one of the best Carribean eateries in Orlando. Open for lunch and into the early evening, this restaurant will satisfy any midday cravings for food from the island you may have.


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One of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Orlando, Guavate is a colorful, charming eaterie that serves traditional home-style meals of the Carribean island. It offers an extensive menu that features the restaurant’s signature mofongos, but save room for a homemade dessert. Stop by for lunch or dinner for some of the most authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in the city.

Mi Viejo San Juan Restaurant

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Mi Viejo San Juan Restaurant is an intimate, family-owned eaterie that serves traditional Puerto Rican meat and seafood dishes that taste like they came straight from the island. It’s an authentic “boricua” restaurant where you’ll sometimes find live music to accompany your meal. If you’re not hungry enough for a full meal, stop by for a great cup of coffee in the morning or a dessert late in the day.

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