8 Fashion Lessons You Learn Only When Living in Miami

Miami style | © Jeremy/Flickr
Miami style | © Jeremy/Flickr
Photo of Aisha Moktadier
16 May 2017

Miami is a gorgeous city, but it also can be one of the vainest. I mean, we love wearing name-brand stuff, skimpy clothing, and working toward our summer bods all year long. We live in eternal summer, which means we pretty much all live in swimsuits, too. If you’re planning to come to Miami, you want to come in style, and here’s how you can make sure not to make any mistakes.

Sandals | Esther Max/Flickr

Sandals go with everything. Everything.

In Spanish, we call them chancletas, meaning “flip-flops.” The word is thrown around a lot, and we pretty much use it to describe any kind of sandal. We wear sandals to the beach, out to eat, to do errands, and even to work. Of course, we’ll wear “fancier” versions depending on the occasion. For nice outings and work, our sandals are sometimes even encrusted with crystals or gems, or some other kind of pretty embellishments.

The louder and brighter, the better

Miami natives LOVE bright colors, so the brighter, bolder colors you wear, the more heads you’ll turn. If you grabbed a bold, “loud” dress from one of your vacations and haven’t been able to find any place to wear it in your hometown, bring it to Miami! Bright colors are incredibly fashionable here, and you can expect people to ask you where you bought it.

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Bikinis are outfits

Since it’s always sunny and warm in Miami (okay, maybe not during hurricane season), we always choose to invest in a great piece of swimwear for the whole season. That means spending $100–$250, so it’s got to be extremely cute and super on-trend. If you’re thinking which bikini to bring to Miami, choose the sexiest one you have. We’re all about Brazilia cheeky bottoms and sexy cutouts here

It’s cool to wear makeup and jewelry to the beach

It doesn’t help your skin to have makeup clogging your pores while you’re sweating in the sun, but we don’t care. Miamians are born and bred to look good always, and that includes the beach. We also love to accessorize our beach outfit and swimwear with jewelry. Body chains, earrings, and necklaces are always good options. Flash Tats, which are metallic temporary tattoos, are also a cute way to spice up your outfit.

You HAVE to wear a dress and heels to get into clubs

If you’re not dressed to the nines, you won’t be getting into the clubs in Miami. Several clubs will only allow folks in who they think look the most stylish and “beautiful;” everyone else will be turned away. Miami definitely has the reputation of being obsessed with outward beauty, and that is definitely true when it comes to the clubs. Make sure to wear your sexiest dress and best heels, and stick some foldable ballet flats into your purse for afterward when your feet are seriously killing you.

Everything should be formfitting

We like bright colors, and we like things that are tight. Miamians work hard on their summer bodies, and really love hitting the gym and staying active. You’ll see plenty of skinny jeans, form-fitting dresses, drop tops, and tight shorts while you’re visiting. If you want to make like a Miamian, you’ll want to pack some tight clothing that hugs your curves.

Woman Wearing Strapless Dress On Miami Blatancy | acevvvedo/Flickr

The more skin you show, the better

Since it’s always hot in Miami, we tend to wear a lot of shorts, bikinis, light summer dresses, and tank tops. We like dresses that are backless, crop tops that let our midriffs breathe, and strappy tops that don’t have sleeves. We sweat a lot, so allowing more of our body to breathe is smart. Plus, skin is sexy.

Break out your name-brand whatevers

To top off our vain nature, we love name-brand items. We would rather invest in a good handbag that lasts for years than buy too many pieces that won’t hold up. Name-brand items are also associated with status, and sometimes we like to show off. So we’re a little shallow but, I mean, you gotta love us.

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