12 Ways You Know You Grew Up in Florida

Tampa Bay at sunset | © pixabay
Tampa Bay at sunset | © pixabay
Photo of Karina Castrillo
2 January 2018

If you were born and raised in the Sunshine State, it’s probably obvious to everyone you meet. Maybe you drink too much Gatorade or you have a Miami accent, or there’s just something quirky about you that sets you apart from the rest—but you know what? Being Floridian just means you’ve been blessed with a little more sunshine than the rest. Cheers to you.

You wear flip flops everywhere you go

Whether it’s to the mall, in the bar or at the beach, flips flops are like your second pair of feet.

Flip flops | © CorteseEugenio / Pixabay

Alligators are no big deal

Floridians see alligators crossing the road, sunbathing along the canal, and every once in a while after a hurricane they show up in the backyard pool.

A/C is the best invention of all time

Florida is unlivable without a/c. Swarmed with swamps and hot beaches, every time a local steps into an enclosed space cooled with a/c it’s a glorious moment.

American Alligator | (c) Mike Bowler / Flickr

The local news doesn’t phase you

From grizzly cannibal attacks to a tiger running wild through a zoo, Floridaians have become desensitized to the news. The weirder the headlines, the more normal it is.

Hurricanes secretly excite you

Let’s face it, everyone lives a pretty monotonous life. A hurricane announcement is a little variation to the daily routine—and it means a day off from work! (Unless you’ve been a victim to a hurricane’s devastation in which case pretend you never read this.)

Hurricane Irma 7 September 2017 as seen by MODIS on board Terra satellite | © Antti Lipponen/Flickr

You speak Spanglish (at least un poquito)

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can at least catch the concept of several Spanglish phrases like “cojelo con take it easy.”

Sunscreen is your best friend

The sun shines so bright here you get a tan on your hands when you’re driving to work.

Sunscreen | © chezbeate / Pixabay

You look forward to cooler weather because it calms your frizzy hair

Ask any woman with a straightening iron how happy she is when the weather drops.

But you still freeze when temperatures drop below 72 degrees

Pull out the stockings, the boots, and the coat. Its 69 degrees and it might as well be snowing.

You have been to Disney World at least 15 times

The happiest place on Earth is in Orlando, and your parents took you since you were one year old. You practically have Mickey on speed dial.

Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. Practically a second home for Floridians | © peridotmaize / Pixabay

You’ve driven the Florida Turnpike

To Disney World, to Tampa, to Miami and beyond, the Florida Turnpike is your expressway of choice.

You think Publix makes the best subs

Did we say think? We meant know. Publix’s subs stuffed with fried chicken are a delicacy.