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The Best Parks in Bridgeport, Connecticut
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The Best Parks in Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Known as the home of renowned circus promoter P.T. Barnum, Bridgeport also has one of the largest populations in Connecticut. But with so many parks to spend the day at, it’s hard to feel confined inside Bridgeport’s borders. Read on for the five best parks to visit while you’re here, spectacular spots that can’t be found anywhere else in Connecticut.
Bridgeport Seaside Park
Bridgeport Seaside Park | © 826 Paranormal/Flickr
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Seaside Park

Bridgeport’s Seaside Park is one of the most relaxing beach-going experiences you are likely to ever have. There seems to be some sort of tacit agreement amongst your fellow beachgoers to keep the vibe pleasant, calm and quiet. There are no amenity or food stands cluttering the entrance, and apart from the parking lot nearby, there is no congestion from cars, beach vendors and noisy party-goers. Seaside Park aims to keep it simple, with nothing but sun and sand to dally away the hours.

Address and telephone number: 1 Barnum Dyke, Bridgeport, CT 06605 +1 (203) 367-7917

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Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum

The Adventure Park at Bridgeport’s Discovery Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the city; it’s an obstacle and zipline tour rolled into one, with some fun and challenging outdoors activities for kids and adults alike. The adventures are always safe, and accompanied by trained staff and vigilant spotters. Plus, the Discovery Museum is just a stone’s throw away.

Address and telephone number: 4450 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 690-1717

Lake in Beardsley Park
Lake in Beardsley Park, Bridgeport CT | © Andrew K./Flickr
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Beardsley Park

Stretching over 125 acres of rolling pasture, Beardsley Park is home to the state’s only zoological garden, the Beardsley Zoo. The zoo takes up only a portion of the park, though; there are so many picturesque picnic grounds and natural sights, you might forget about the zoo altogether. For example, take the Noble Avenue trail through the lush topography and you’ll see the granite-carved Setzer Memorial Bridge. Across from the zoo is Bunnell’s Pond, which opens up to a large field where you can relax and sunbathe or play frisbee with your friends.

Address and telephone number: 1875 Noble Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06610 +1 (203) 394-6565

Pleasure Beach
Pleasure Beach | © Trenten Kelley/Flickr
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Pleasure Beach Park

Pleasure Beach Park belongs on this list as, after 20 years of being closed to the public, it has at long last opened again. As the name suggests, this park is centered on Pleasure Beach; you can access the sea directly from the park entrance, but if you’re not in the mood for sun and sand, you can relax to the sound of waves on the park pavilion, take a stroll along the boardwalk, enjoy lunch in the picnic area, all the while surrounded by fragrant flowers and plants.

Address and telephone number: East End Bridgeport, CT 06615 +1 (203) 576-7233

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Went Field

Imagine the rolling parkland of Beardsley Park on a smaller scale, with jungle gyms of various sizes sprinkled throughout: that’s Bridgeport’s Went Field. A 10-acre park located on the West Side, Went Field has undergone extensive renovation and restoration over the past few years. Today, Went Field boasts a community plaza and promenade, an expanded playground, a pergola, a white-topped pavilion and new athletic facilities linked to nearby public schools.

Address: Bridgeport, CT 06605