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Enchiladas | © Mark Mitchell/Flickr
Enchiladas | © Mark Mitchell/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Beechmont Avenue And Broadway, Connecticut

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Beechmont Avenue and Broadway are full of restaurants, cafes and bars, which can make choosing where to eat incredibly difficult in Connecticut. The area represents cuisines from all over the world such as Vietnamese, Cuban and Turkish. Be sure to read on for a list of the 10 best restaurants in Beechmont Avenue and Broadway before visiting.
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Pho Hong Thom

For the best pho in the area, Pho Hong Thom is the place to go. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of a broth, linguini-like rice noodles, herbs and meat – usually chicken or beef. The restaurant is a little hard to find, but the food is delicious and the prices are incredibly affordable. The food has an authentic taste with generous portions and plenty of meat. If you’re craving a bowl of warm soup, this pho venue will be a great choice.

48 Wood Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, +1 203 690 1533

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Bereket Turkish Restaurant

For authentic Turkish taste, Bereket Turkish Restaurant serves all the favorites from the Middle East. You can’t go wrong with whatever you order, from the cold appetizers to the falafel sandwich and mixed grilled vegetables. For six dollars, diners can get a delicious sandwich, fries and a small salad. Everything is seasoned incredibly well with spicy flavors. The place is quite small and is located in a busy area, nestled next to a gas station. From the outside the restaurant looks like a typical fast-food restaurant but don’t be fooled by the exterior – the decor inside is very picturesque and beautiful.

4031 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT, +1 203 372 0000

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Casa Villa

Casa Villa is a Mexican restaurant with a wonderful margarita list. Expect to find delicious tacos and an exciting ambiance here. The prices are a little high for Mexican food but for a sit down restaurant, it’s on the lower end of the budget spectrum. The rice and beans are incredibly well cooked and the smoky sauces they use enhance all the flavors wonderfully. Try the al pastor, which gives guests a choice of three tacos. If you aren’t a taco fan, you can’t go wrong with the quesadillas and burritos.

2810 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, +1 203 612 1254

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Sandra’s Next Generation

Sandra’s Next Generation brings the best of soul food and South American food together. From the fried chicken to the cornbread and the generous portions, Sandra’s Next Generation is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to try the iced peach and ginger tea mixed with lemonade and mint. For dessert, be sure to dig into a banana pudding cake. The atmosphere is lovely with al fresco options and outdoor coffee tables for guests who’d like to take in the scenery outside. This is definitely a no-frills establishment serving good food. The owner of the restaurant is incredibly kind and overall, the restaurant gives off a very warm, vibrant ambiance.

636 Congress Ave, New Haven, CT, +1 203 787 4123


This relatively new addition to the area is an excellent little spot full of fabulous wines and delicious cheeses. This simple and casual environment offers some of the greatest meat and cheese boards in the area. The duo behind the bar are the welcoming and friendly owners who take the time to explain the origins and flavors of the cheeses and meats to customers. The restaurant is small and fills up fast so be sure to make a booking for a perfect date night.

3 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 745 4531

Cheeses and wine | © Marcus Södervall/Flickr
Cheeses and wine | © Marcus Södervall/Flickr
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For well-priced Mediterranean food, Sababa is a go-to spot. From the hummus to the shawarma, the food is cooked to perfection. They offer add-on ingredients so diners can spice up and customize their food, and because the base price is low, the end results are reasonably priced. This fast-food Mediterranean restaurant offers more of a feast than a typical cheap and easy fast-food meal. Try ordering one of their platters filled with falafel, meats, salads and sauces; because of their large sizes, these are sure to satisfy your appetite.

21 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT, +1 203 776 7482

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Da Legna

An upscale Italian restaurant, Da Legna is New Haven’s best-kept secret. They serve up the greatest pizzas in the area and small plates of delicious Italian food and salads. Their cuisine focuses on using the highest quality ingredients and to complement these meals, cold beers are available on the menu. One recommendation from the menu is the honeypot pizza covered in truffle honey. For dessert, try one of their pies as these come very highly recommended.

858 State Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 495 9999

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For a taste of Spain in Connecticut, try the Barcelona restaurant in New Haven. This restaurant is so popular that without a reservation there is almost no chance of getting a table, so it is a must to book in advance. Barcelona offers a large wine selection to go along with their tapas dishes. Try ordering a great range of tapas dishes to share around the table. Each dish is excellently made and sharing the dishes with a group of friends helps to create an inclusive sense of community. The interior is quite spacious and the lighting is perfect for a romantic night. Guests can expect a 20-minute wait for a table at dinnertime, free drinks and appetizers are offered during the wait.

155 Temple Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 848 3000

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Barracuda Bistro and Bar

A fusion American and Latin American Restaurant, Barracuda is a well-kept restaurant with an intimate atmosphere. Be sure to watch out for their happy hour beer is available for half its usual price and oysters are only one dollar. The music is loud enough to create a lively mood but still allows for conversation. The food, from the guacamole to the arepas, is rich in flavor. The portion sizes are quite large, therefore Barracuda is the perfect place to share a delicious meal. Finish off your night with a tropical margarita.

1180 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 691 5696

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Soul de Cuba Café

For Cuban tapas, Soul de Cuba Café serves some of the best in the area. This restaurant is perfect for sharing platters with a date or with a large group of friends. The food is here is very authentic and if you’ve never tried Cuban food, treat yourself to this restaurant; they are open on the weekends for brunch too. The cafe offers a huge range of flavored mojitos from chocolate to coconut, and features a wide range of meats, from beef to pork and chicken to seafood. All meat dishes come with white rice and black beans. For a lighter lunch meal, there are sandwiches on the menu too.

283 Crown Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 498 2822