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Café Nine | © wcmickle/Flickr
Café Nine | © wcmickle/Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars On Beechmont Avenue And Broadway, Connecticut

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Updated: 9 February 2017
In an area filled with dive bars, wine bars and more, the areas around Beechmont Avenue and Broadway in Connecticut have plenty to offer. Whether you are looking for the perfect casual date spot or something more intimate, this list covers a diverse range of options. Check out our picks for the top 10 bars around Beechmont Avenue and Broadway below.
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The Owl Shop

The Owl Shop is a brilliant venue for a night out. Here, they offer a very laid back atmosphere with a range of whiskey and tobacco products. The bar is dimly lit, comfortable and intimate, making it the perfect place for some conversation whilst smoking on cigars. This venue would be a perfect date spot too as it has an old and nostalgic feel to it with a fun 1920s atmosphere. At The Owl Shops, customers can expect to enjoy a night with top-quality cigars and perhaps even some live jazz.

268 College Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 624 3250

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116 Crown

A romantic bar, 116 Crown, has an upscale and trendy feel to it, so it’s a great place to take someone on a date. The bar is a little bit more expensive than other bars in the area but the cocktails are worth the price. With delicious cocktails and great dinner dishes, 116 Crown guarantees you a great dining experience. On Sundays they have 50% off selected wines and customers can even take unfinished bottles of wine home. So have a seat, order yourself a rustic cheese platter and enjoy.

116 Crown Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 777 3116

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Gryphon’s Pub at GPSCY

GPSCY is a bar that’s very popular among Yale students who love to socialise and drink in between their studies. The bar hosts events from Halloween parties to speed dating, karaoke and more; the venue is a great place to meet up with friends in a casual atmosphere or even make some new friends among a university crowd. If you are a student in the city, you’ll probably end up running into people you know here as this bar has a very inclusive atmosphere. There’s a large patio outside where customers can relax with a couple of drinks.

204 York Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 4322 638

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Ordinary is a beautiful, sophisticated bar with delicious drinks, and it’s a great place to hang out any night of the week. They offer a warm and cozy lounge area, which is ideal for relaxing and having a casual night out. From tasty bar snacks to hearty meals, their menu offers a range of delectable sandwiches, cheeses, giant cookies, smoked meats, and pies. The cheeses at this bar have all been handpicked from Caseus Fromagerie Bistro by cheese mongers.

990 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 907 0238

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Café Nine

If you are looking for a live music venue in the area, Café Nine is the place to go to. They host music from local talent, indie bands, major recording artists performing jazz, blues, comedy, and more. This small space has a hole-in-the-wall appearance, but it is well-known for hosting plenty of great performances, so don’t be put off by that. The service inside has always been efficient and you can discover some fantastic up-and-coming talent here.

250 State Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 789 8281

Oak Haven Table & Bar

For a fantastic meal in a casual atmosphere, the Oak Haven Table & Bar is the place to go. They have an excellent menu including mac and cheese with truffle oil and pork belly options. The waiters are very well versed about the food and the bourbons as well, with the bar stocking a great range of bourbon and delectable cocktails. Try one of the apple-infused rum cocktails, or if you’re more daring, try something a little bit spicier on the menu.

932 State Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 9159 413

Backlit Sidecar | © Ingrid Taylar/Flickr
Backlit Sidecar | © Ingrid Taylar/Flickr
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Anna Liffey’s

Head over to Anna Liffey’s for a Saturday brunch or for a great night out. The atmosphere is typical of a cozy, warm pub with basement stonewalls. They have several televisions placed all around the area, showing soccer matches, so customers can catch up on the latest sports games and results. This Irish pub gives off an authentic European feel, so head over for one of their pub quizzes where you can spend an evening answering questions to win great prizes.

17 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT, +1 203 7731 776

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Christy’s Irish Pub

A great pub for lunch or for a few drinks, Christy’s Irish Pub is the real deal. The place is quiet during the afternoons so the pub is a peaceful spot to grab a plate of fish and chips or a delicious Irish curry. The patio is empty during the day too so it’s a comfortable and serene place to relax. The bar serves up a fantastic Irish breakfast as well, so be sure to try the food food while you are there.

261 Orange Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 6240 811

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August is a relatively new addition to the area and is an excellent spot full of fabulous wines and delicious cheeses. This simple and casual environment offers some of the greatest meat and cheese boards in the area. The duo behind the bar are the welcoming and friendly owners who take the time to explain and discuss the delicious cheeses and meats with customers. The restaurant is small and fills up fast, but they don’t take bookings, so you have to be smart about timing.

3 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 7454 531

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Cave À Vin

Cave À Vin is a hidden gem in New Haven. This casual wine bar has a sophisticated selection of wines from around the world that are reasonably priced, so they won’t break a traveler’s small budget. Given that this is a wine bar, the food they serve is very creative and delicious; it’s worthy of being a fine-dining restaurant. Outside, there is a lovely patio on which guests can relax and enjoy a glass of wine on a warm evening.

975 State Street, New Haven, CT, +1 203 777 6206