Yoga on the Fly Is Bringing Guided Classes to Airport Terminals

© Yoga on the Fly
© Yoga on the Fly
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Wellness Editor26 October 2017

Squeezing time for exercise into our over-stuffed schedules can be a challenge, but there’s one place where empty hours are plentiful—the airport. In Denver, Yoga on the Fly is offering virtual classes from the departures terminal to help passengers in pre-boarding limbo move their bodies and destress.

While Denver certainly isn’t the first airport with a yoga room, it is the first that extends past a soundproof space with (perhaps) a couple of communal props. It’s the first location to partner with Yoga on the Fly—a company which installs wireless headsets, yoga mats mapped with numbered sections, and iPads with instructional videos, creating a mini studio for easy self-practice. To round-out its well-being offering, Yoga on the Fly also has guided meditations and breathwork, facilitating a calmer, more mindful travel experience.

How the mini studio could look | © Yoga on the Fly

Crowds, public announcements, and junk food outlets (not to mention the ordeal of airport security) have traditionally made the departures terminal a place to be endured. But as health becomes more of a priority for many people, airports are beginning to align their facilities with the wellness mindset.

At Seoul’s Incheon airport, passengers can head to the sky garden for a walk or cycle ride; Singapore’s Changi Airport boasts a rooftop pool; sleep isn’t an issue during layovers at Dubai international thanks to its Snoozecubes; a vertical garden at Chicago O’Hare grows produce for the terminal’s restaurants; and earlier this year, London Heathrow announced the opening of an on-site fitness studio with instructor-led cardio, strength and yoga classes.

Offerings like Yoga on the Fly could be a real game-changer for frequent fliers and long-haul travelers. Besides the fact that stretching out your body feels good (think of the hours we spend sat in that slouched C-curve, watching movie after movie) but it can help passengers better manage the ill-effects of air travel, like fatigue, anxiety, stress and even increased risk of blood clots.

“From having personally experienced the negative effects of traveling on our body and mind over and over again, we realized there was a great opportunity to provide travelers with a serene escape from the chaos prior to takeoff,” the founders of Yoga on the Fly, Elizabeth Feinstone and Avery Westlund, explained. “With the recent increase of wellness offerings in airports across the globe, we recognized the growing demand and were inspired to take the guest experience a step further by creating a truly private and guided experience, accessible to all levels.”

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