The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Colorado Springs, Colorado

Vegetarian Masala with Naan | ©SweetOnVeg/Flickr
Vegetarian Masala with Naan | ©SweetOnVeg/Flickr
If you don’t eat meat that doesn’t mean that you should be saddled with tasteless, boring meals. There are creative and delicious dishes out there just waiting to be discovered. Read our list to learn of the best vegetarian restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO.
Mango and Kale Smoothie ©sweetbeetandgreenbean/Flickr

Ola Juice Bar

Restaurant, Juice Bar, Gluten-free, $$$
Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill
Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill | ©Mike Mozart/Flickr
Enjoy organic eats at Ola Juice Bar. The small café serves gluten-free, raw, and plant-based items, all served with compostable flatware, silverware, and cups. Enjoy acai bowls, granola, hummus and vegetables, build your own salads, fruit burritos, rice bowls, and more. Pair your bowl with one of 16 types of smoothies, all made with fresh, seasonal, organic produce. There are pressed juices as well, each one with their own healing property. Order an age defier, immune booster, detoxifier, energizer, recovery juices, and power shots. Ola believes in the power of healthy living, so visit this Colorado Springs restaurant for a clean eating experience. Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill | ©Mike Mozart/Flickr
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Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Restaurant, Fast Food, Mediterranean
Egg White Pavlova
Egg White Pavlova | ©Shannon Ritter/Flickr
With a majority of their locations scattered across Colorado, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is a favorite location for casual, vegetarian eating. The menu consists of gyros, salads, entrees, pitas, wraps, and more. A few local favorites are the falafel pita and Portobello gyro. Grilled chicken, grilled steak, gyro meat, chicken kabobs, and steak kabobs are also on the menu in case you’re dining with a carnivore. The restaurant is relatively casual, offering takeout options when you’re on the go. You can also submit a catering order to have their delicious food at your office. Egg White Pavlova | ©Shannon Ritter/Flickr
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Natural Epicurean

Restaurant, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, $$$
Vegetarian Masala with Naan
Vegetarian Masala with Naan | ©SweetOnVeg/Flickr
Natural Epicurean sits within the beautiful Colorado Springs resort, The Broadmoor. The hotel restaurant serves healthy and wholesome food, made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. Although there are few meat dishes on the menu, a majority of the items are vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free. Enjoy freshly pressed juices, organic egg white pavlova, soy stir fry, kale and spinach whole wheat Danishes, bean burgers, asparagus soup, and gazpacho. Enjoy a refreshing breakfast or lunch in the cool dining room, complete with a patterned ceiling, live plants, and wall of mirrors, or dine out on the terrace for beautiful views of the nearby pond. You may even see a few swans and ducks swim by. Vegetarian Masala with Naan | ©SweetOnVeg/Flickr
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Little Nepal Indian Restaurant and Bar

Bar, Restaurant, Indian, Asian, $$$
Paleo Cookies
Paleo Cookies | ©Louise Hunter/Flickr
This Colorado Springs restaurant provides locals with the flavors of Nepal, India, and Tibet. Enjoy an extensive list of authentic menu items, including various curries, massalas, biryanis, vindaloos, samosas, pakoras, and more; almost every meal can be prepared for vegans and vegetarians. In addition to endless options of food, Little Nepal offers a buffet, and also delivers. Whether you like big portions or small portions, or want to dine in or at home, there is something for you. As if being a thriving restaurant and bar wasn’t enough, Little Nepal is a gift shop, art gallery, and grocery store all rolled in to one. Check out beautiful Indian-inspired art created by local talent, and peruse the gift shop only to discover handmade clothes, jewelry, and other accessories. As for the grocery store, you can find Indian goods that aren’t on any other store shelves, including rices and grains, canned and boxed foods, candies, and spices. Paleo Cookies | ©Louise Hunter/Flickr
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Progressive Paleo

Restaurant, American
For those that aren’t up on the trend, a paleo diet is a modern interpretation of what humans ate during the Paleolithic era. That means the food consists of nuts, organic fruits and vegetables, wild seafood, free range eggs, and grass fed meats. None of the food is processed, nor does it contain grains, sugar, soy, dairy, or legumes. Though this may seem limiting, Progressive Paleo’s meals can be found in most restaurants; just the ingredients and preparation are varied. Enjoy all of your favorites, including lasagna, Salisbury steak, shepherd’s pie, steak salad, jambalaya, and more. There are even desserts, like muffins, macaroons, and pie. Guests may come into the restaurant and enjoy meat and non-meat dishes, or order them online and have them delivered directly to their home. Progressive Paleo also offers meal plans at a fixed price, which include entrees, sides, and sauces that will last you a certain amount of time.
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