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The 10 Best Restaurants In Aspen, Colorado
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Aspen, Colorado

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Known as a popular ski-resort in western Colorado, Aspen offers a diverse and exciting experience for travelers not just on the slopes but also in the many excellent restaurants this mountain town has to offer. Dining in Aspen includes contemporary American and international cuisine however, it’s the historic background that makes dining in Aspen unique. These top restaurants offer a mix of history and great food.
White House Tavern
White House – interior with flag l Courtesy of the White House Tavern
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The White House Tavern

Carpenter Gothic styles of a steeply pitched roof and vibrant all-white color schemes characterize the building and add to the ambiance. With a menu that offers familiar and family-friendly food and an extensive wine and cocktail selection, the White House Tavern is a good stop to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

White House Tavern, 302 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 1007

Dinner Special and beer | Courtesy of HOPS Culture
Dinner Special and beer | Courtesy of HOPS Culture
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HOPS Culture

When craving good old American comfort food, visit HOPS Culture, which prides itself on serving up-scale American classics from creamy mac ‘n cheese to succulent ribs. Even better is the list of over 200 beers from all over the world, 30 of which are on tap. It’s that impressive collection which marks HOPS Culture for what it is: an exciting, craft-beer focused heaven. With a brick interior, this restaurant creates a welcoming and fun atmosphere for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

HOPS Culture, 414 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 4677

Oysters | ©Guido/Flickr
Pacific Oysters | ©Guido/Flickr
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Jimmy’s Bodega

A restaurant that captures Mexican seafood flavors, Jimmy’s Bodega is all about feeling at home no matter where you come from. The restaurant got its name after the owner made a visit to central Mexico and encountered the homely bodegas, which inspired him to open his own. The menu has a variety of oysters and seafood; experience the raw bar or try one of many specialty cocktails while enjoying the view of spectacular Aspen scenery from the patio.

Jimmy’s Bodega, 305 S Mill St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 710 2182

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At Matsuhisa, customers will not only encounter all fresh ingredients and an extensive menu but will also discover the flavors of authentic Japanese sushi. Delicious and gourmet, the sushi here turns food into art. Enjoy the sushi bar or head outside for a cocktail on the patio and let the culture of Japan take hold of your taste buds and leave you with one of the most memorable meals of your stay.

Marsuhisa, 303 E Main St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 544 6628

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Element 47

With a name that pays tribute to the Aspen historic culture of mining silver, Element 47 brings soulful American food to life with a contemporary and creative twist. A five-star restaurant, the interior houses floor to ceiling glass wine casing in an elegant atmosphere that is open to all. Enjoy a seasonal-changing menu that sources ingredients from locally-based farms, accompanied by the perfect wine as chosen by their in-house wine expert.

Element 47, Little Nell Hotel, 675 E Durant Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 920 6330

Pineapple Smoothie l © Emily Carlin/Flickr
Pineapple Smoothie l | © Emily Carlin/Flickr
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Aspen Over Easy

Aspen Over Easy was established by a group of old friends hoping to provide customers with an affordable and delicious breakfast without costing the earth (literally). Partnering with CORE, Aspen’s initiative for sustainable business, this restaurant utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to make the best breakfast out there. Discover the variety of juices and smoothies to add a bit of color to every meal. From breakfast quesadillas to a bacon and eggs cocktail, this restaurant is a great way to start or end the day.

Aspen Over Easy, 304 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO, USA, 1+ 970 429 8693

Quinoa salad IMG-2368 l © Jay Davis/Flickr
Quinoa salad IMG-2368 l | © Jay Davis/Flickr
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Pyramid Bistro

Pyramid Bistro is the first ‘nutritarian’ restaurant, meaning customers consume the most nutrients per calorie. Although every item on the menu can be ordered with meat prepared in a healthy way, all the recipes are originally and uniquely vegetarian. One of Aspen’s most innovative and creative places to dine, Pyramid Bistro is located right above Explore Booksellers and will leave visitors feeling refreshed, invigorated and cleansed after dinner.

Pyramid Bistro, 221 E Main St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 5338

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Located right in downtown Aspen, Ellina is a place where the old world meets the new. Named after a region in northern Italy, this restaurant serves modern American cuisine coupled with a variety of fabulous wines and inventive cocktails. Sample the well-known Bitto cheese and bresaola sausage in Ellina’s cozy interior or the vibrant patio.

Ellina, 430 E Hyman Ave #3, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 925 2976

Hotel Jerome, Aspen | © Daniel X. O'Neil/Flickr
Hotel Jerome, Aspen | © Daniel X. O’Neil/Flickr
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Pinons is a restaurant all about bringing the freshest tastes and ingredients to customers. Located in downtown Aspen across from the historic Hotel Jerome, this restaurant offers a contemporary mountain dining experience with a newly re-furbished dining room looking out onto the picturesque Aspen scenery. Pinons serves an expansive seafood menu including classic American dishes such as Herb Crusted Colorado Trout and Sesame Crusted Sea Bass. With a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Pinons is one of the best-rated restaurants in Aspen.

Pinons, 105 S Mill St, Aspen, CO, USA, +1 970 920 2021

Steak at Justice Snow's
Steak at Justice Snow’s l Courtesy of Justice Snow’s
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Justice Snow’s

Justice Snow’s takes vintage dining to the next level. The restaurant’s interior design brings a historic yet contemporary feel to the atmosphere. There are antique elements such as a chandelier that hung in a Cambridge library 100 years ago and hidden doorbell medallions which serve as peepholes to view vintage films. Enjoy an all-American menu or taste one of the custom-made cocktails at the bar. Even the bartenders bring a blast from the past, dressed in clothes that will roll the years back. Justice Snow’s is not just a place to eat good food, it’s a place to experience another time.

Justice Snow’s, 328 E Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO, USA +1 970 429 8192