Singer-Songwriter Jewel Talks Nature, Poetry and Her New Jewelry Line

Singer-songwriter Jewel launches new jewelry line, Songlines
Singer-songwriter Jewel launches new jewelry line, Songlines | © Matthew Rolston
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Fashion Editor26 September 2018

Singer-songwriter Jewel is launching a new jewelry line and, as expected, it’s imbued with poetic symbolism.

Internationally known for her raw lyrics, incredible vocal range and authentically bohemian sense of style, Jewel will release a new line of jewelry entitled Songlines in the fall of 2018.

“I love jewelry,” she says, the pleasure in her voice palpable. “It’s an obsession. I have a ridiculous amount of it.”

"I love beautiful sparkly jewelry," says Jewel | © Matthew Rolston

The signature collection of Songlines, a collaboration between the singer-songwriter and her longtime friend Christopher Beaver, draws on celestial phenomena like the Northern Lights and symbols such as the Midnight Sun. Each piece is sustainably made with recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

“The symbology [of the line] is special to me,” she says, explaining how charms can act as talismans to help you stay connected to your intentions. “I didn’t want to get lost in the forest of life, so for me, symbology is a compass.”

Jewel draws on modern wellness concepts that help practitioners stay grounded through a connection with the natural world.

'Touchstone,' Pave diamond Torque pendant | Courtesy of Songlines

“Each piece in the collection is imbued with what the symbol means to me,” she says. “The sun reminds me to shed light and live my life without secrets.” Because jewelry is worn close to the skin, each piece acts as a physical embodiment of an intention. “I am very tactile person, so when I touch a charm it’s a mindfulness exercise,” she says.

Growing up in Alaska, Jewel found the natural world to be a particular help in developing her ethos and, as such, Songlines engages in eco-conscious practices that go beyond using earth-friendly materials. “We employ local artisans in the US and make sure everyone’s making a good living. I don’t want to short-change someone who’s buying the gems.”

"Midnight Sun," Diamond Starburst on 16” Oxidized Sterling Silver, ($120) | Courtesy of Songlines

Songlines is the first licensing deal Jewel has made since she arrived on the scene in 1995 with her debut hit album, Pieces of You. The singer explains that nothing else has felt “personal enough” to warrant her interest. Everything in the line is handmade by a cooperative of jewelry artists in Telluride, Colorado, which includes a team helmed by co-founder Christopher Beaver. “I wanted to invest from the ground up and put my values into a company. People buy into the values of a company and the DNA of a business,” Jewel says. With Songlines, core values like gratitude and authenticity “go into each piece of jewelry,” with all orders receiving hand-designed notes.

'Tundra,' Kingsman Arizona Turquoise adjustable ring in gold alchemia ($150) | Courtesy of Songlines

As for the gems themselves, rings are adorned with grounding stones like turquoise and kyanite, as well as the ethereal obsidian and labradorite – Jewel’s favorites. “All the colors are hypnotic,” she says.

'Northern Lights,' Labradorite and Pave Diamond pendant ($135) | Courtesy of Songlines

Since Jewel is always on the road, the pieces that comprise Songlines are travel-friendly and versatile. The rings are adjustable, for example. “I like to switch what fingers I wear them on,” the songstress says. Pendants come on silver or gold-plated chains you can custom order by length, and also adjust yourself. “Some chains are long you can wear them so the charm hits your belly. Then you can change it up and wear it high.”

'Aurora' Labradorite Adjustable Ring in Gold Alchemia ($95) | Courtesy of Songlines

At a time when celebrities eagerly slap their name on any product, Songlines feels like a striking exception. Jewel’s gritty integrity that has connected her to fans for over two decades is apparent, as authenticity is built into the brand.

'Amulet,' Hand Carved Yellow Lip Shell with Leather Binding, $175 | Courtesy of Songlines

“The most lonely I ever felt is when I hid my authenticity,” she says. “Even when I was homeless I’d get on stage and sing about my experience to build community. None of us is going through something that’s that unique.”

When it comes to the messy business of being human, if sparkling charms of comfort can ease the burden and pull together a look at the same time, investing in statement jewelry seems like a no brainer.

Jewel launches her Handmade Holiday Tour this November, with her family in tow. Guests will have a chance to shop the Songlines line at a craft fair accompanying the show. Songlines is also shoppable online.

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