An Alaskan Adventure | Dog Sledding in Breckenridge, CO

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25 April 2017

Nestled in the mountains of Summit County, Colorado sits Good Times Adventures, a crew of guides, drivers and Siberian huskies that specialize in dogsledding and snow mobile tours. They have provided Rocky mountain entertainment since 1986, and sit in the #1 spot on TripAdvisor for sightseeing tours in Breckenridge. You don’t have to brave the Iditarod to mush your way into this snowy, fur-filled journey.

Entrance to Good Times Adventures | © Lauren Ferrier

Where is Good Times Adventures located?

Tucked away on Tiger Road along the White River National Forest, Good Times Adventures is hard to spot, but easy to get to once you do. You know you have arrived when you look to your right and see a circle of snowmobilers racing around the open snow track. Parking is free and right out in front of the wooden entryway.

Waiting Huskies | © Lauren Ferrier

What’s next?

Check-in is easy. Fill out the waiver form and meet with a beanie-clad adventure specialist at the front desk who will gather your information and give you the low-down on what’s to come. From there, you will enter into a room full of snowsuits and boots. It’s not a required uniform, but it is a unique part of the experience that makes for some pretty fun photo-ops.

Playing with the Huskies | © Mari Yamaguchi

When Do I Get To Meet the Dogs?

Once everyone is suited up, your tour guide will meet you out by the sleds and introduce you to a team of eight dogs, who are waiting patiently for your arrival. He’ll tell you their names and explain their positioning in the line. Usually the fastest dog leads the pack. In 1994, the Good Times staff teamed up with a dog sledding kennel owned by a local Breckenridge resident, and since then the team of pups has grown substantially. All of the crew dogs are purebred Siberian huskies.

Tour Guide | © Lauren Ferrier

You’ll get your fair share of bonding time with the huskies, as these pups are some of the most friendly and loving dogs around. And don’t worry if you forget your camera. There is an in-house photographer who will take a picture with you and the dogs, and you have the option to purchase a print of the image afterwards.

Huskies on Break | © Lauren Ferrier

How Does the Tour Work?

Each tour can handle up to six people. It’s run as a relay, meaning that over the hour-long tour the guests will take turns running the dogs through the clearly marked routes, riding in the dogsled and hanging out in the passenger sleigh with the guide while watching the other sledders.

Leading the dogs is pretty simple to learn and really fun to do, but there are a few things to be aware of if you want to stay on the sled and have a smooth ride:

1. Watch out for hanging branches. If you bundle up, you’ll be thoroughly protected from the wrath of the evergreen pines.

2. Be sure to slow down on the curves, or you will go flying into a pile of snow! Although as far as face plants go, it’s pretty fun. Your guide will assure you that this usually happens at least once per tour.

Huskies on the run | © Lauren Ferrier

The stops along the way give opportunity to take in the amazing mountain scenery and snap some photos of your new friends goofing around.

Dogsledding at Good Times Adventures is a thrilling experience to share with friends and family. Don’t miss your chance to sled through the mountains before the winter season ends.

As they say to the huskies, ‘Hike!’

Huskies goofing around | © Lauren Ferrier

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