10 Restaurants You Should Try In Aurora, Colorado

City of Aurora, Colorado ©Ken Lund
City of Aurora, Colorado ©Ken Lund
Photo of Oliver Griffin
9 February 2017

Aurora is a city that emerges out of the rolling prairie grasslands and has long been known as the gateway to the Rockies. Aurora’s cuisine is as diverse as its size suggests, but you can also find Colorado classic dishes too. Try these 10 local restaurants and discover Aurora’s best.

Tradewinds Dining Room | ©Ryan-o

Bent Fork Grill

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Bent Fork Grill in Aurora is an independently owned restaurant with good food and a menu full of intoxicating martinis. The food offerings include all American classics given new twists; macaroni and cheese with the addition of lobster, and a buffalo pot roast being just two examples. Recently the Bent Fork Grill opened a second venue, making it even easier to experience seriously great meat and fish dishes.


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German influences run through America like rivers. Just look at the legacy of both hamburgers and frankfurters; American staples named after their German cities of origin. Helga’s, then, is not a surprising edition to a city’s line up of restaurants. A restaurant and deli, Helga’s serves a mixture of schnitzels and Rhineland specialties.

The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

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Ethiopian Food
Ethiopian Food | ©Eden, Janine and Jim
The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant is a great ambassador for sub-Saharan cuisine. The restaurant encourages guests to eat the Ethiopian way by sharing from the same plate. This can include a mosseb (tray) of food that a whole group can sit around. Food is traditionally scooped up on torn pieces of a large flatbread known as injira.

Rosie's Diner

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Advertised as a purveyor of nostalgic flavor, Rosie’s Diner is practically a museum of 1950s American restaurants. With neon lights, and black and white tiles the team at Rosie’s serves breakfasts, dinner and traditional handmade milkshakes. Each dining booth contains a juke where a quarter can buy two songs.

Seoul BBQ and Sushi

Korean food is what you can expect to find at Seoul BBQ and Sushi. Favored for its hearty soups and curries, Korean cuisine is quite different from its other oriental neighbors. Bibimbap, allegedly one of the globe’s greatest hangover cures, is main meal of rice, eggs and meat in a warming, spicy broth.

Korean Food | ©Michael Goodine

The Summit Steak and Seafood

The Summit Steak and Seafood restaurant is a fantastic local restaurant. With late opening hours and regular events, it is much more than just a dining experience. While great live music plays at the centre of the restaurant, customers are invited to enjoy a happy hour where all cocktails are half price; entertainment includes frequent piano playing and live bands.

Strawberry Martini | ©daspunkt

My French Press

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blueberry French toas
blueberry French toas | ©Kim
My French Press is a café and bakery serving the best traditional French food. Breakfast items such as French toast and crepes sit alongside American classics such as fried eggs with mixed meats. There is also an attached bakery that produces wonderful loaves of French style breads, as well as a selection of delicate pastries.

Sam's No 3

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Sam’s No 3 restaurant specializes in Mexican food, but also features Greek and American classics. Regardless of what you fancy, with a 16 page menu, there is bound to be something for everyone to choose from. One of the venue’s biggest draws is the huge selection of skillets, served with fresh sizzling chili that customers can choose between. With so much spice on offer, it will be worth getting one of their equally amazing milkshakes.


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Indian Food
Indian Food | ©Jorge Gonzalez
Masalaa is a fantastic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in downtown Aurora. The restaurant has opted to portray and present spices across the entire menu in a way that is most typical of its subcontinent roots. There are helpful signposts that direct customers through dishes that explore the many different states throughout India.

Bent Noodle

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Spaaghetti Meatballs
Spaaghetti Meatballs | © jeffreyw
While the name may suggest Asian cuisine, Bent Noodle is actually an Italian restaurant. The family owned restaurant was opened in 1996 and serves fresh and organic food to a wide range of regular and new customers. The homemade classics include sausage meat lasagna, chicken picatta and the oh-so traditional spaghetti with meatballs.