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'Giant Judge & Hammers' © Gerald Scarfe
'Giant Judge & Hammers' © Gerald Scarfe
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You Can Now Purchase Original Paintings from Pink Floyd’s 'The Wall'

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 31 March 2017
Teaming up with the San Francisco Art Exchange, political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe has selected 11 of the original paintings created for the 1982 British live-action/animated film Pink Floyd – The Wall to go on sale.

To be featured in a special exhibition at SFAE’s gallery in July, along with other pieces created for the film, album, and concerts, the surreal paintings are available for purchase individually or as a collection and will be awarded to the first buyer to agree a price and terms. Among these iconic artworks are The Scream, Giant Judge & Hammers, The Teacher, and The Gross Inflatable Pig. There’s even a 3 ft. x 8 ft. storyboard available that contains 50 different panels.

While Pink Floyd’s eleventh studio album, The Wall, was released in 1979, its film companion was released in 1982. With a screenplay written by the band’s frontman Roger Waters, Scarfe teamed up with director Alan Parker to craft the movie’s 15 minutes of animated sequences, all of which he developed before the film’s production began. Despite featuring little dialogue, the film still won BAFTAs for Best Original Song and Best Sound.

You can check out the selected artworks on here, along with a few of them below.

The Scream:

'The Scream' © Gerald Scarfe
‘The Scream’ | © Gerald Scarfe

This image was used in the film during a battlefield scene and was selected upon first sight by director Alan Parker for use as the image for the film poster.

Education For What? No Jobs!:

'Education For What? No Jobs!' © Gerald Scarfe
‘Education For What? No Jobs!’ | © Gerald Scarfe

This original concept artwork is one of a series created to draft the live action scene in the film that illustrated the plight of schoolchildren being herded through their education on a maze of conveyor belts.

The Teacher:

'The Teacher' © Gerald Scarfe
‘The Teacher’ | © Gerald Scarfe

This original artwork of one of the most iconic characters in the story was projected onstage during live performances of Another Brick in the Wall.

Wife With Flaming Hair:

'Wife With Flaming Hair' © Gerald Scarfe
‘Wife With Flaming Hair’ | © Gerald Scarfe

The original design for one of the six iconic characters from The Wall, used on the publicity materials for the film, album, and concerts in 1980-81.

The Wall Original Storyboard:

The Wall Original Storyboard © Gerald Scarfe
The Wall Original Storyboard | © Gerald Scarfe

[h/t Consequence of Sound]