Where To Shop In San Francisco By Neighborhood & Style

Photo of Adriana Jones
9 February 2017

Some days it can be hard to decide where to shop in San Francisco, since there are so many different options available for so many different styles. Below, we’ve listed shopping districts within San Francisco sorted by style for your next shopping spree!

Union Street: Athletic

Union Street is known for its large population of women in expensive yoga pants going to either Soulcycle, Equinox, or one of the many other gyms in the area. There’s a great reason for this — Union Street has an amazing variety of women’s athletic stores in a small area. Whether you need a new pair of Nikes, some sweet new pants from Lorna Jane, or a new sports bra from Lululemon, Union Street has you covered.

The outside of Lululemon in Cow Hollow | © Carolyn Cotes

Fillmore Street: Classic

Searching for that perfect pair of heels or need some new makeup? Fillmore is the place for you. Named after president Millard Fillmore, the street has many unique and classic stores, such as Mudpie, an upscale children’s store with a beautiful inventory, and Credo Beauty, a natural beauty store. It also includes classic stores like Rag & Bone and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Haight-Ashbury: Hipster

The Haight-Ashbury area has always been ahead of the game on new styles and hipster chic fashion. While it still has tons of thrift stores (Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co, and Goodwill to name some) and traditional bohemian glamour, Haight-Ashbury has attracted a huge hipster population and now is the home to many more modern and streamlined stores such as Diamond Supply Co. It alo has quite a few unique shops such as the Tibetan Gift Corner, where you’ll surely find items that no one else will have.

The famous legs above Piedmont Boutique | © Cliff

Union Square: Traditional

From Macy’s to Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany & Co, Union Square is the epitome of traditional style. Union Square is synonymous with great shopping, and just thinking about it brings these nationwide favorites to mind. If you are looking for upscale and high end clothes, there is nowhere better to go than Union Square.

Union Square | © Tony Fischer

Hayes Valley: Artsy

The epitome of artsy style, Hayes Valley is a beautiful place to go shopping and spend your afternoon. From the Proxy pop-up shops (which include options like AETHER apparel and Smitten ice cream) and events to the many minimalist stores, Hayes Valley has many options. Amour Vert, or ‘green love,’ offers eco-friendly classic pieces made in a ‘zero-waste’ mindset. Acrimony isn’t your conventional store, and offers unique and mannered pieces. Make sure to stop in at the artisanal chocolate shop around the corner.

Proxy pop-up shops | © Allen Ferguson

Chestnut Street: Chic

Although the Marina District tends to be similar to Union Street in its ability to attract athletic consumers, Chestnut Street is full of chic stores. It has a Gap and a separate Gap body as well as various other unique boutiques, including y&i boutique, which offers trendy items at affordable prices. The cozy setting of Two Skirts will make you want to stay there forever, which can be dangerous for your wallet but good for your soul.

Noe Valley: Eco-Friendly

Noe Valley is the kind of place you can waste your entire day in and feel so peaceful when you leave, even if you’ve accomplished nothing. The majority of the boutiques in Noe Valley are environmentally friendly in one manner or another; SEAN is a menswear line originated from France that prides itself in the quality of the designs and is committed to both the environment and its employees, Cotton Basics (unsurprisingly) sells basic pieces made of cotton that are produced and designed entirely in Oakland, and the Podolls has handwoven garments ethically sourced from around the world.

A Noe Valley sunset | © Matt Zimmerman

Sacramento Street: Sophisticated

All of Sacramento Street is upscale and mirrors the stunning architecture of the houses in the area. From Designer Consigner and Goodbyes (both designer consignment shops) to Margaret Elizabeth jewelry, Sacramento Street is full of good finds. This extends to its running store as well, A Runner’s Mind, which is is a localized and high end store that fits you to your perfect shoe and offers a running club as well. The street also has various boutiques like Luna Boutique that offer casual and cocktail wear, as well as many home decoration and art stores.

North Beach: Indie

Searching for that one thing that is really you? North Beach is the place to go. AB Fits is one of San Francisco’s well known denim stores, so stop in there for basic pieces. Aria Antiques, owned by Bill Haskell, is without a doubt the best place in San Francisco to find one of kind items. City Lights is San Francisco’s most famous bookstore and is worth a visit if you are shopping in the area. Biordi Art Imports will send you straight into Italy — this family owned store has home goods and feels a little like a museum, but is the perfect place to find unique items.

City Lights Bookstore | © Stephanie

By Adriana Jones

Adriana currently studies International Relations at the University of San Francisco, and when she is not studying, working, or otherwise academically occupied, she can usually be found either at the climbing gym or searching for boba tea and vegan donuts. Follow her on Instagram, or see some of her other work here.