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Los Angeles © Sean Pavone /
Los Angeles © Sean Pavone /
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What's On In Los Angeles | Weekend June 17-20 2016

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Updated: 7 October 2016
Weekends in LA are so full of art, entertainment, music, and more that it’s hard to fit everything into such a short timespan. Catch the Culture Trip’s picks for this weekend.


MARKET⎹ Explore the Culture of the K-Town Night Market

Friday, June 17th

Feel like you’ve traveled the world at this Night Market, a copy of the popular markets that dominate main cities all over Asia, and try the diverse cuisine being cooked up.

K-Town Night Market courtesy of K-Town Night Market
K-Town Night Market courtesy of K-Town Night Market

MUSIC Stay Up All Night at the Sleepless Music Center

Friday, June 17th

This Friday, L.A. is the city that isn’t sleeping; instead, the city is dancing as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion gets transformed into an interactive dance party.

Music Center-Walt Disney Hall ©Prayitno / Flickr
Music Center-Walt Disney Hall | ©Prayitno / Flickr


COMEDY Laugh Out Loud at the Oh, Hello Show

Saturday, June 18th

Laugh until your stomach hurts at this unconventional Off Broadway comedy featuring two stereotypical New Yorkers.

Stage © Ally Aubry / Flickr
Stage | © Ally Aubry / Flickr

FESTIVAL Drink Up at the LA Vegan Beer and Food Festival

Saturday, June 18th

Unlimited beer in praise of Mother Earth? Sign us up. This festival showcases delicious vegan vendors from around the city to raise money for charity.

Beer © Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr
Beer | © Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr

ART See the City on Display at the Made in L.A. Exhibit

Sunday, June 19th

Take a closer look at the City of Angels through an exhibition designed to show why L.A. local art is so interesting and crucial to the city’s personality.

Los Angeles © Roger W / Flickr
Los Angeles | © Roger W / Flickr


MUSIC Break Out the Dance Moves at the Beat Swap Meet

Sunday, June 19th

Dance, paint, DJ, and refine your vinyl record collection on this beat-iful, celebratory day, closing out the Four Days of Hip Hop fest.

Vinyl Records © Donnie Ozone / Flickr
Vinyl Records | © Donnie Ozone / Flickr