Venice Beach's Most Instagrammable Spots

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California
Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California | © graham jepson / Alamy Stock Photo
Photo of Dominic Bertolami
Freelance Writer16 April 2018

The colorful characters, picture-perfect sunsets, and endless sandy beaches make Venice, California a hot-bed for photographic opportunities.

The possibilities seem endless and the number of photo ops may become overwhelming. Whether growing outreach on social media or capturing an unforgettable moment with friends or family, these top Instagrammable spots in Venice, Los Angeles are the perfect backdrop to make your photos pop.

The Venice Beach Boardwalk

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Shoppers walk and a young man skateboards down the sunny Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California.
Venice Beach Boardwalk | © Angela DeCenzo / Alamy Stock Photo
This top-rated SoCal destination can make a picture-perfect moment seem effortless with a few tips. The tall thin palm trees, crystal-clear blue skies, and dramatic coastlines are a perfect backdrop to any moment on the boardwalk. The colorful characters, painters, and street performers offer an opportunity to get more creative with your subject matter or become part of the scene with a well-timed selfie. Make use of the change in outdoor lighting options as the day continues. The sun’s positioning and shadow will tell a story all its own, whether in the early morning, at noon overhead, midday towards the golden hour, and then, saving the best for last: the sunset.


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Muscle Beach Venice

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Muscle Beach, Venice California
Muscle Beach, Venice California | © robert cicchetti / Alamy Stock Photo

Over the years, famous bodybuilders, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu, have spent their golden years training at Venice’s Muscle Beach. Whether living for the sport of bodybuilding, promoting a fitness program, or documenting a dramatic before and after, this scene is ideal for any niche fitness Instagrammer. The outdoor gym offers natural lighting and a backdrop of sandy beaches. Take inspiration from the history found here and use the gathering crowds as an opportunity for exposure and to push the limits of fitness.

The Venice Sign

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Venice Beach at Main Street and Ocean, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Venice Beach at Main Street and Ocean, Los Angeles County | © Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo

The Venice sign is one of the top photo opportunities in Southern California. Use this sign as a backdrop to a group photo or let it add a bit of street credit to your selfie. The teeming street corner itself can be used as the focal point for a more candid approach. For night shooting, the L.E.D. lit sign corresponds to holidays and special events, such as the annual LGBTQ Pride Parade. Whichever way you choose, make a major statement at Venice Beach’s defining feature.

The Venice Skate Park

Skate Park
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Skater boy practicing at the skate park at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. Venice Beach is one of most popular beaches of LA County
Skate park at Venice Beach, California | © Mariakray / Getty Images

The Venice Skatepark is one of the only skate parks in the world located directly on the beach. With its many features, including one snake run, two bowls, and a section for street skating, the opportunity for impressive photography here is near limitless, with a bit of luck and good timing. Whether skating or shooting (or both), the later stages of the day into sunset hour adds a dramatic element of silhouettes and long shadows. For impressive action shots, take advantage of ocean views and big airs. Pro skaters, such as Shaun White and others, come to this notorious proving ground, so keep an active eye for a selfie with a pro.

Venice Canal Historic District

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Venice, CA / USA - March 23, 2019: Small boats, homes, and a bridge crossing the water in the Venice Canal Historic District are shown during the day.
Venice Canal Historic District | © Kilmer Media / Alamy Stock Photo
The Venice Canals are a serene haven with as much history as appeal. This classic Westside location offers a bit of retro California in an upscale setting. The ornate bridges and lush green sidewalks reflect well off the water below. There are a variety of birds and various wildlife, adding a natural atmosphere to this setting. Some of the highlights include a flamingo-shaped boat and a house made entirely of glass. With some imagination here, Insta-fans are sure to take notice and a few well-placed photos can easily increase your following.


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