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Top Diners In San Francisco That Will Take You On A Time Warp
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Top Diners In San Francisco That Will Take You On A Time Warp

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Updated: 9 November 2016
When you are craving a throwback paired with delicious classic food, head straight to one of these diners in San Francisco. The old school music, food and decorations that fill these places are guaranteed to time warp you right back into whichever era you choose.
It’s Tops Coffee Shop  l  © cyrilfluck/flickr
It’s Tops Coffee Shop l | © cyrilfluck/flickr

It’s Tops Coffee Shop

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St. Francis Fountain
St. Francis Fountain | © mari.francille/flickr

It’s Tops Coffee Shop

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If a vote of ‘best diner, best burger, best eggs and pancake fix, best post-midnight snack & top 10 Sunday brunch venues’ isn’t enough to grab your attention, then the classic 50’s vibe of this diner sure will. From the jukebox to the milkshakes, if you’re feeling nostalgic for an earlier time in your life or just looking to explore and get a taste of the ’50s, It’s Tops Coffee Shop is the perfect place to do so.

It’s Tops, 1801 Market St, San Francisco, CA, +1 (415) 431 6395

St. Francis Fountain  l  © mari.francille/flickr
St. Francis Fountain l | © mari.francille/flickr

After almost 100 years of business, St. Francis Fountain is as on top of their game as ever. Multiple generations of the Christakes family have nurtured this diner, and after Peter Hood and Levon Kazarian took over, they made sure to keep its initial charm while expanding its potential as a diner in order to be able to serve as many people as possible. Sweet ice cream, savory burgers and thick milkshakes make this a top diner in San Francisco, and a must stop location.

St. Francis Fountain, 2801 24th St, San Francisco, CA, +1 (415) 826 4210

Grubstake  l  © shannonclark/flickr
Grubstake l | © shannonclark/flickr

There are few things more iconic than the San Francisco cable car, and the combination of that and a retro diner is unstoppable. The GrubStake is a fabulous diner founded in 1927 that is actually in a cable car, throwing you back to the glory days before most of them were shut down. The menu is simple but the food is divine, and the best part of all it’s open from 5pm until 4am. So when you’re craving late night pancakes or home fries, you know exactly where to go.

GrubStake, 1525 Pine St, San Francisco, CA, +1 (415) 673 8268

Lori’s Diner  l  © samanthamarx/flickr
Lori’s Diner l | © samanthamarx/flickr

Lori’s Diner opened up in 1986 and is one of very few 24 hour diners left in the area. Because of its astounding success, they opened up multiple locations around the Bay, all with the same charm and fabulous food since ‘86. There’s fabulous memorabilia all over the walls from the olden days which, when combined with the great food, music and addictive vibe, makes it the ideal place to have a meal at any time of the day.

Lori’s Diner, 336 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA, +1 (415) 392 8646

Mel’s Drive-In  l  © theresaboardman/flickr
Mel’s Drive-In l | © theresaboardman/flickr

Located on the iconic Lombard Street of San Francisco, Mel’s Drive-In is the go to place for anyone who wants to relive their childhood at a classic drive-in diner. As the word spread, Mel’s franchise expanded to multiple locations in the Bay Area, making it easier for people to enjoy not only a meal but a full on experience. If you are not one for a burger, Mel’s also offers fabulous healthy options that are just as satisfying as a burger and fries.

Mel’s, 2165 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA, +1 (415) 921 2867