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The Best Places To Find Street Style In San Francisco
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The Best Places To Find Street Style In San Francisco

Picture of Elaine Ragland
Updated: 4 January 2017
San Francisco is truly a mecca of amazing street style. One of many things to love about this city is that it gives individuals the confidence to express their personality through their clothing. As a result, each neighborhood is as unique as the residents that live in them, and this is represented through their personal style. Read more about city’s hoods with the best fashion sense and bomb burritos, of course.


The Mission is the pinnacle of quirky style. This region has such an eclectic mix of people that it is SF’s melting pot of fashion. It is full of creative activities and artwork that translate down through into style. It is the ultimate hipster hotspot, filled to the brim with knee socks and thrift shops. Missionites are always pushing the fashion boundaries with their black suspenders, Bay Area layering, and high-waisted mom jeans.

Must have item: Flannel shirt + black rimmed glasses.

Lower Haight Style
Lower Haight Style | Courtesy of SFstyle

Lower Haight

Lower Haight has an atmosphere that is a mix of punk rock and free spirit. This neighborhood is blessed with the beatnik vibe that trickled down from Upper Haight, complete with floral smocks and boho waves. On the other hand, they are also home to all those chill rock ‘n’ roll feels. What is the popular staple in this district? A blue jean jacket, pup on a leash, and beer in hand, of course.

Hayes Valley Style
Hayes Valley Style | Courtesy Refinery 29

Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley takes sophistication to the next level. Street style in this quaint little hamlet is all about clean lines and gorgeous color palettes. Hayes Valley dwellers master the art of mixing midi rings, clogs, and a neutral tones at a young age. Residents here are the kings and queens of effortless chic (and it doesn’t hurt that the best boutiques are sprinkled amongst these streets).

Street Style © Beverely Goodwin/Flickr
Street Style | © Beverely Goodwin/Flickr

Alamo Square/NOPA

Alamo Square fashionistas are as unique as the local shops and restaurants that surround them. Whether your style reflects your love for artisanal toast, antique kitchenware, or deep-dish pizza, there is a place for you. Dudes and dudettes in this district are known for keeping it fresh by combining unique patterns and cool textures. Finish off your look with a black rimmed hat and you are ready to prowl for Motown Mondays at Madrone Art Bar.

Street Style © Zuerichs Strassen/Flickr
Street Style | © Zuerichs Strassen/Flickr

Outer Sunset

When you think of street style, you might not automatically think of the Outer Sunset, but do not be fooled. Out in the avenues, there is a charming street style that is hard to ignore. Being right next to the water, the surfer vibe radiates throughout, and most outfits mix boho chic with a dab of southwest. There’s nothing better than grabbing toast at Trouble Coffee and watching all of the passersby’s in their bohemian attire. Check out the General Store for the poncho you’ve been coveting.