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The Top Stationery Shops In Los Angeles
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The Top Stationery Shops In Los Angeles

Picture of Michelle Pagaran
Updated: 9 February 2017
Stationery can be seen as objects of a dying practice as most notes are saved digitally and most communication takes place between devices. However, there is a resurgence of print products, as some yearn for the tangibility of a handwritten note. Pay a visit to the following businesses in Los Angeles, California that specialize in stationery products.
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The Library Store

Serving as the Los Angeles Public Library’s ‘gift store,’ shopping here is the perfect way to give back as all proceeds benefit the library’s free programs and services. Walking into The Library Store, you are greeted by a window display of the store’s exclusive merchandise for Josh Kun’s To Live and Dine in L.A. This book is a historical analysis of the role of food in shaping the culture of L.A. Warm lighting envelops the quaint gift shop as jazz tunes reverberate through the air. There are notebooks and posters featuring quotes from your favorite authors to feed your literary soul. Nostalgic for the library’s bygone system of checking out books? The Library Store has socks and scarves with a print of the old-fashioned stamped library card. The store even features an ‘L.A. Pride’ section, including guidebooks, posters, notecards, and tote bags, to proclaim your love for the city.

The Library Store, 630 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 228 7500

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As if this store’s name isn’t enough reason for pause, walking around this Silver Lake shop feels like looking through someone’s personal collection of valuable trinkets. Dustmuffin, a nickname given to the owners’ cat, is a treasure trove of vintage postcards, greeting cards, jewelry, home décor, and personal hand care products. Looking through the vintage postcards, you’ll find a postcard from New York mailed decades ago and marked with a lipstick stain. You’ll also find a small selection of quality greeting cards. The most alluring aspect of the store is its selection of soaps, lotions, and perfumes, which create an invigorating aroma. Dustmuffin also gift-wraps purchases as part of the service.

Dustmuffin, 3204 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 323 644 2828

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McManus & Morgan, Inc.

Looking to brush up on your calligraphy skills or find a pen pal? McManus & Morgan has a fantastic selection of card stock, envelopes, and letterheads. They also have any kind of paper imaginable such as elephant hide, hand-marbled paper, Florentine, hand-printed Japanese paper, and Egyptian papyrus. They also provide services such as card stock for business cards, invitations, and bookbinding.

McManus & Morgan, Inc., 2506 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 387 4433

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Shout and About

This new Echo Park store has so much charm and personality within a small space. This speaks of the store’s functional design in showcasing its curated products. For instance, an entire wall is dedicated to greeting cards. The store abounds in succulents, home décor, office supplies, and jewelry. Prints and artwork hold empowering mantras such as ‘Don’t text him’ or ‘#killingit.’ Shout and About harkens back to those grade school days of exchanging cute notes and letters. Who says the fun has to stop now? The store is also great for those looking to add some organization to their lives. At the moment, Shout and About has’s hit 2015-2016 agendas in stock, which are selling out quickly online.

Shout and About, 1547 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 213 482 7682

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Daiso Japan

Daiso Japan is a franchise, warehouse store which has imported goods from Japan and China, all priced at $1.50 (with the exception of some items). There are over 30 locations in the Los Angeles County area alone. One of the most notable sections of the store is their stationery selection. Daiso runs on the philosophy that products should not only be ‘cute’ but functional. Who says you can’t use an eraser shaped like sushi? Cute and functional. Daiso is perfect for essential back-to-school shopping on a budget because of the set prices. They have standard supplies such as binders, portfolios, pens, and notebooks. On top of that, there is also origami paper, scrapbook supplies, coloring books with anime characters, and calligraphy paper.

Multiple Locations in Los Angeles, CA, USA