San Francisco's Top 5 Places To See The Sunset

San Francisco's Top 5 Places To See The Sunset
When it comes to traveling through California, sunny days and hot weather are expected – though this may not be true in San Francisco. But if you’re a view lover, it has few rivals. Enjoy our selection of the five best spots to witness this magnificent event in and around the city.
Sunset time at Ocean Beach Courtesy Debora Carvalho

Ocean Beach/Lands End

Bridge, Hiking Trail
Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge
Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge | © Joshua Kaufman/Flickr
If you are into hiking you’re going to love seeing the sunset at Ocean Beach, after a hike through the Lands End Hiking trail. You’ve got two options: stay around the hiking trail area and see the sun going down ‘behind’ the Golden Gate Bridge, or walk to Ocean Beach (1.3 miles away) and see the sun disappearing ‘into’ the ocean. Both are great!
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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge | The Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco’s post card is another beautiful sunset scene on clear days and you have different ways to enjoy the view, beyond standing at the view point. One is driving across the Golden Gate Bridge: turn the radio on and look ahead. You’ll have about five minutes ride with the sun trespassing your windows and making the bridge a mix of red and orange colors. Another option if you want to get your cardio done while enjoying a view and the sunset, is to walk or bike across the bridge. (Muni and Bart are bike-friendly) Be ready for a 1.7 mile windy and beautiful ride.
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Outdoors, Instagrammable, Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark

The Coit Tower

Building, University, Bridge, Park
Sunset time at Thornton Beach
Sunset time at Thornton Beach | Courtesy Debora Carvalho
The Coit Tower was named for Lillie Hitchcock Coit, ‘for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city I have always loved’. And it guarantees you a beautiful view of the city during the sunset. Tip: There’s usually a line to go up the tower, but if you want to enjoy the sunset without rushing yourself, simply stay in the parking lot and appreciate the view.
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Treasure Island

Park, Market
If you enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by water, like on an island, but don’t want to go far from the city Treasure Island is a great option. It has a marina and a bikeway connecting to the newly completed eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge.

All locations are accessible by public transport (MUNI or Bart) and you can find parking and toll information under the location address posted above.
Debora Carvalho
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