Great Ethnic Restaurants In Diamond Bar, California

Great Ethnic Restaurants In Diamond Bar, California
Diamond Bar is the hometown of two Major League Baseball players, the rapper Snoop Dogg and a member of Girls’ Generation. It’s also a treasure trove of great restaurants. Whether you’re coming off the 57 Freeway in the south or Pomona in the north, this city’s dining spots will hit the spot. We list some of the best.
Dinner platter at The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant © Courtesy The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant.

Mandarin Taste

Flush with soft amber lighting and ornately carved walls of wood, this restaurant plays host to some great Chinese cuisine. Honey walnut shrimp, hot and sour soup and Kung Pao chicken are among the top contenders for your taste buds. However, the complimentary bowl of crunchy fried noodles is good enough to come for alone, and with the lovely aquarium of fish to thrill your eyes, you won’t even notice the wait.
Mandarin Taste, 23391 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA, +1 (909) 861-1819

The Whole Enchilada

Ai-yi-yi! When you’re at The Whole Enchilada, you’re in Mexico. Flowering leaves wreathe the latticed arbor overhead, colorful parrots perch atop of high places and paintings hang on its sandy walls. Try the chili verde, the carnitas chimichanga or anything else on the tasty menu. Every dish bursts with flavor and comes with a plethora of toppings to choose. If it’s your birthday, prepare for a festive one complete with delectably sweet flan, rattling maracas and a sombrero that you (unfortunately) can’t bring home with you.
The Whole Enchilada, 1114 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA, +1 (909) 861-5288

Diamond Palace Cuisine of India

As soon as you step inside, exquisitely painted pillars, glittering chandeliers and rich curtains greet your eye. If you have ever seen a Bollywood movie, you will soon feel like you’re in one. Without a doubt, its sizzling range of curries, Tandoori breads and other Indian cuisine will make you feel like singing and dancing. Not only does the Diamond Palace have an extravagant lunch buffet, but it also comes with its own banquet room, which features a canopy and a plush divan.
Diamond Palace Cuisine of India, 1241 Grand Ave, Diamond Bar, CA, +1 (909) 860-2625

Pastry line at The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant.
Pastry line at The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant | Courtesy The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant.

The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant

Boasting a red and black color scheme, this restaurant is a pleasant setting for great fusion Filipino delights. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling them, their barbecue skewers and fried pork dishes have developed quite the fan base; The Crispy Kare Kare and Lechon Kawali are a particularly fine case in point and must be ordered while here.
The Green Banana Leaf Restaurant, 13089 Peyton Dr, Chino Hills, CA, +1 (909) 465-9541

Farmer Boys Restaurant

Proud owner of the award for Best Burger in Southern California for three years running, Farmer Boys is well worth the trip. Brightly lit and clean, this good, old-fashioned restaurant offers monstrously huge onion rings and deep-fried zucchini to go along with its great hamburgers.
Farmers Boys Restaurant, 810 S. Brea Canyon Rd, Walnut, CA, +1 (909) 444-6800