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Top Places For A Hip Brunch In Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Top Places For A Hip Brunch In Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Picture of C. Marie Cradle
Updated: 7 December 2016
The Los Angeles enclave of Los Feliz has several tempting hotspots for filling French toasts, egg entrées and other signature brunch savories. We list the top places for a delicious brunch in this neighborhood.
Messhall Kitchen Pork Belly Sandwich
Messhall Kitchen’s pork belly sandwich | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle

Fred 62

Fred 62 does brunch with quirky LA twists. Creative dish names, like ‘Eggs in the Hole,’ ‘Breaded Frenchy’ (French toast with corn flakes) and ‘Dime Bag’ (pancake combo), keep the menu amusing. Don’t expect Denny’s-like diner food here; as a semi-gourmet bistro, several of Fred 62’s offerings are on the gourmet side.

Messhall Kitchen

Creative types hanging out in Los Feliz give kudos to the ingenious menu of the ultra-fancy, camp-themed neighborhood spot, Messhall Kitchen. In typical Los Felizian manner, there is the intention to have a clever sounding menu; brunch favorite sandwiches are called ‘sandos,’ for sake of being more hipster sounding. For quenching thirst, try the refreshing ‘Lemonade Grenade,’ part of the restaurant’s tactical military-influenced beverage menu.


A popular spot for comfort food, an inviting ambience and hipster celebrity sightings, there truly is ‘no place like’ Home Restaurant. For brunch, there is the option of breakfast and lunch entrées, which are served all day. Easily, the most comfy atmospheric way of doing brunch in town, Home is highly notable for its exquisite courtyard al fresco setting.

Figaro Bistrot Crepe
Figaro Bistrot Crepe | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle

Figaro Bistro

Figaro Bistrot is a formidable choice for making a high impression. Patrons of this posh little spot are often of the hipster-elite crowd, who like to savor brunch every day of the week. Go ultra French and order scrumptious dishes from the Le Sucre (sweet entrées) and ‘Les Oeufs’ (egg dishes) menus. It’s downright hard to choose from an assortment of crêpes, both savory and sweet varieties.

Mustard Seed Cafe

Hipsters would say that Mustard Seed is ‘super cozy.’ Off Hillhurst and Clarissa Avenues, the corner nook is the most unassuming of this Los Feliz brunch list. No super fancy dish names here, with possible exception of entrées like ‘Green Eggs and Sam,’ eggs distinctly flavored with garlic pesto and served with salmon.