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Top Extreme Classes To Take In The Bay This Summer
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Top Extreme Classes To Take In The Bay This Summer

Picture of Meghan Tucker
Updated: 4 January 2017
Running, yoga, and lifting weights may all be great workouts for the day-to-day routine, but with so many extreme sports and classes at our fingertips, it may be time to add some excitement to the mundane. Learn how to fly or to scale a wall — either way, these classes in San Francisco will pique the interest of the adrenaline-seeker and the common gym rat alike.
alt="House of Air"
The Trampoline Room at House of Air | © House of Air
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House of Air

Remember those fun times in childhood, jumping on a neighbor’s trampoline? Or the rare event of a bouncy house at a birthday party? Well, House of Air has taken that idea and created an entire business from it. With classes in fitness, air tricks and private parties, this hangar-turned-trampoline paradise is a perfect way to give guests and members the experience of free flight. Nestled in the historic Presidio, House of Air is like no other fitness membership, leaving all its members thrilled and out of breath from the extreme workout sessions offered.

House of Air, 926 Old Mason St, San Francisco, CA, USA

ALT="UpSwing Aerial Dance Company"
Acrobatic Art at UpSwing Aerial Dance Company | © UpSwing Aerial Dance Company
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UpSwing Aerial Dance Company

With flashy Vegas shows, pop divas’ elaborate performances at concert, and traditional circus acts becoming more and more popular, there’s no wonder aerial dancing is becoming the routine of the moment. With silk ribbons, trapeze, and other materials at students’ disposal, UpSwing Aerial Dance Company’s classes cover every facet of this acrobatic art form. Offering classes for children, teens, and adults in a vast array of levels and techniques, UpSwing gives all students a chance to explore this unique dance workout.

UpSwing Aerial Dance Company, 2525 8th St, Berkeley, CA, USA

Alt="Planet Granite Belmont"
Rock Climbing at Planet Granite Belmont | © Planet Granite Belmont
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Planet Granite Belmont

Created within the old Belmont movie theatre, Planet Granite Belmont offers everything for ‘indoor mountain climbing’, from belaying (partner rope handling), beginning, advance, and lead-climber classes. With a full room adorned with nothing but practice walls, varying from easy to pro-climber, this fitness club gives the adventurer in all of us a chance to conquer that mountain. Buy a one-day pass or become a member – Planet Granite brings out the Spiderman in everyone — with the safety of a belay partner and harness, of course.

Planet Granite Belmont, 100 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA, USA

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Maybe it’s an opportunity to spice up your love life, or maybe it’s a fun and sultry way to tone those abs. Located on the Peninsula, Poletential offers several different classes in this exotic dance, from basic twirling to ‘tricked out’ pole dancing. Teaching all their students the basics of sexy entertainment to the logistics of pole-maneuvering, these fitness classes help build confidence, self-love, and an all-body workout. Much more than just a striptease, this dance art form encompasses contemporary, jazz, and modern dance techniques with the assistance of the pole.

Poletential, 2682 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA, USA

Alt="City Kayak"
Kayak Around the City with City Kayak on a nice day in San Francisco | © City Kayak

Take ‘extreme’ from the land to the water and jump in a kayak. With classes in safety, advance paddling, and Eskimo rolling, City Kayak gives water bugs a chance to paddle the bay. With courses set up to explore the underside of the Golden Gate, float into the sparkling dark waters of a full moon, or gaze in awe beneath the twinkling night sky on the 4th of July—City Kayak is more than just a kayak club. Join in on these sea adventures and let the grass-dwellers become green with envy.

City Kayak, Pier 40 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA, USA