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The Best Delicatessens In San Francisco, California

Picture of Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones
Updated: 1 December 2016
Throughout the country, delicatessens are the go-to spot for lunches and fresh delicious meats, and some of the best delis in the country are in San Francisco. Here’s a list of our top five favorites, including both well-known names and hidden treasures at the back of liquor stores!
The Boy’s Deli  l  © BillyTFried/wikicommons
The Boy’s Deli l © BillyTFried/wikicommons

The Boy’s Deli

The Boy’s Deli features over 40 sandwiches, including make-your-own options. It is located on Polk Street in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco, in the back of a liquor store – unconventional, but not to be mistaken as anything but the best. Their sandwich names are just as great as their sandwiches, with names like “Bad Date” and “Skinny Jeans.” We highly recommend that you go for their Dutch Crunch bread, which is easily the most popular choice.

Good Luck Cafe and Deli

Tired of spending a ton of money on one simple lunch? Well, you’re in luck because not only are the sandwiches at Good Luck Cafe and Deli unbelievably delicious, but their sandwiches are dollars less than elsewhere in the city. Their breakfast sandwiches deserve an award of their own, and will have you in line every morning to snatch one up before getting on with your daily routine.

Roxie Food Center

Roxie Food Center has been around for years, and with good reason. Their bread is flawless, the sandwiches are filled to maximum capacity, and the meat will make you want to return for more.

Ike’s Place  l  © Jun Seita/flickr
Ike’s Place l © Jun Seita/flickr

Ike’s Place

If you live in California and have not been to Ike’s Place, you are not doing the West Coast justice. Their sandwich creations are golden, with over 61 creations, including vegan options, all with creative names such as the “Backstabber” and the “Love Triangle.” They have locations all over the Bay, and their almost-patented “Ike’s Dirty Secret Sauce” makes the lunch wait more than worth it.

Lucca Ravioli Company  l  © Hugo Pardo Kuklinski/flickr
Lucca Ravioli Company l © Hugo Pardo Kuklinski/flickr

Lucca Ravioli Company

Few things are better than an authentic Italian delicatessen, and Lucca Ravioli Company is ranked at the top. They have been situated on the same corner since 1925, and have rocked the delicatessen world ever since. Their ravioli are legendary, as are their cheeses and salads. To put it simply, whatever you get at Lucca Ravioli Company will be delicious. They even have fresh pizza dough and sauce if you are in the mood to make your own fresh Italian-style pizza!