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The Top Alternative Workouts In LA

The Top Alternative Workouts In LA

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Updated: 2 December 2016
In a city with a somewhat exaggerated reputation of being Botox-obsessed yoga fanatics, many Angelenos stick to a surprisingly normal exercise routine. Keep your adrenaline and heartbeat pumping with these five non-traditional workouts in Los Angeles.

Aerial Acrobatics

Running away with the circus is now a definite possibility in the quirky industrial space that Cirque School LA calls home. Established by a Cirque de Soleil aerialist with Pilates training, Cirque School LA offers a whole range of big top worthy activities. Beginner’s Contortion draws a lot of attention but it’s the Aerial 101 class that’ll have you feeling like you truly belong center stage in a circus ring. Learn aerial arts on a trapeze and silk fabric for a total body workout that’s as close to flying as you can get.


It’s no secret that Brazilians have some of the most enviable figures. But with such a diverse culture, it makes sense that one of their best workouts has strong ties to their rich background. Born in the time of slave trade and immersed in tradition, capoeira embodies a cultural identity as well as functioning as a martial art. Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles uses the two developed capoeira styles to provide a workout that will not only teach you to tone up but also a bit of Brazilian customs.

Pole Fitness

While ballet barre may be first to come to mind, pole dancing fitness is emerging as a surprisingly effective core and toning exercise. Pole fitness is a relatively new find in the world of workouts, the basis of which is muscle strengthening to ensure maintaining poses on the workout pole. Metamorphosis: Mind, Body & Pole offers beginners’ classes leading up to performing aerial tricks on the pole. Rest assured, they maintain the adventurous appeal by hosting a ‘Heels Angels’ class to teach you how to properly flaunt your high-heeled technique.

Rock Climbing

Beaches are the typical outdoor environments when someone mentions Los Angeles. With a variety of mountains all within a one-gas tank trip away, however, some Angelenos stay prepped with a trip up an indoor rock climbing wall. Stronghold Climbing Gym is tucked away in an old brewery near the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. They even offer bouldering courses, which is essentially rock climbing in its basic form with no rope. With a spacious and colorful indoor area, the gym gives off an unmistakably adventurous vibe.

Trampoline Workout

What makes a workout “alternative” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel. But adding an element like trampoline bouncing to any exercise is sure to encourage anyone who might otherwise cringe at the thought of working out. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the adult equivalent of a ball pit – tons of wall-to-wall trampolines where they hold a SkyFitness class that puts the ‘air’ in aerobics.