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Top 4 Street Art Sites In The Bay Area
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Top 4 Street Art Sites In The Bay Area

Picture of Ivane Lund-Soyombo
Updated: 11 December 2015
As the melting pot for all things artistic and cutting edge, one can not talk about the Bay Area’s art scene without mentioning the street art that permeates the area. Whether it be huge commissioned murals in alleyways or non-commissioned work on overpasses, one thing is for sure: the Bay is alive with street art. Here are some great pieces to keep your eyes peeled for if you find yourself in the Bay.

Rare Device Mural

On the corner of Hayes and Divisadero is a cute little shop called Rare Device, which sells all the things necessary to curate the perfect gift bag. On the exterior brick wall of Rare Device is a mural that is equally as cute as all the wares sold inside the store. Local artist Brian Barneclo was commissioned by the owner of Rare Device to paint the mural in his signature style that includes bright colors, sharp lines, and a composition reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. Though it has only been up since June, it has already been a huge draw and much welcomed bright addition to the neighborhood.


If you live in the Bay Area you’ve likely seen Swampy’s work—whether you were aware of it or not. The Oakland artist’s signature two-tusked ‘thing’ is ubiquitous on overpasses, rooftops and alleyways from the East Bay to San Jose, and beyond: his penchant for train hopping has allowed him the opportunity to place his artwork in similar spaces across the country. His strict adherence to anonymity has preserved the underground nature of both his work and Oakland’s street art scene. So next time you’re riding BART, CalTrain, or Amtrak, keep your eyes peeled for Swampy’s thought-provoking pieces.

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Clarion Alley

Whoever said urban alleys can’t be beautiful has obviously never taken a stroll down Clarion Alley. Clarion Alley is an alley in the Mission most famous for the colorful collaborative murals that grace the walls. The murals are the work of artists that comprise the Clarion Alley Mural Project artist’s collective and each piece works together to thrust the viewer into an colorful, otherworldly environment. Stop by on the right day and you might be able to the see an artist putting up new work from start to finish.

Clarion Alley, San Franciscio, USA

Lower Haight Murals

San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood is chock-full of murals adorning the sides of both residential and commercial buildings. Art has traditionally been a way for artists to depict the goings-on in their current environment and the murals of Lower Haight do just that. Whether it be paying homage to the City or simply jazzing up a storefront, the murals of Lower Haight are all uniquely San Francisco in their own right, so it has been sad for neighborhood residents to slowly see the walls with some of their favorite works be demolished in favor of erecting new, art-free buildings.