Top 10 Restaurants In West Covina, California

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9 February 2017

Los Angeles County’s West Covina is a melting pot for nationalities and a hub for leisure activities including malls, shops and movie theaters. There’s no shortage of places to eat, either. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best.

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Bronco’s Grill

Bar, Mexican, $$$
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Bronco’s Grill serves Mexican seafood in a family-friendly sports bar setting. It’s the best place in town to enjoy good friends, casual drinks, football games and authentic Mexican cuisine all at the same time. It’s open every day from early in the morning to late at night, serving food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Behind the bar, you’ll find a selection of of wines, beers, cocktails, tequila shots and whiskeys. The most popular drink is the house’s Michelada, which is a Mexican beer-based cocktail. Food options include spicy shrimp tacos, oysters, seafood cocktails, chicken and beef fajitas, enchiladas and marinated fish dishes.

Far East Joint

Far East Joint is a traditional fries and wings house with a one-of-a-kind twist, infusing American dishes with Asian flavors. To add to the interesting combination of cultures, by ordering a burger, fries or wings, you’re also supporting a good cause and giving hope to impoverished children worldwide. A portion of every meal purchased is donated to the Han-Schneider International Children’s Foundation, which provides children with food, medicine and clothing. A few of their most popular signature dishes include sweet chili wings, joint fries and spicy tuna nachos.

Far East Joint, 1230 Lakes Dr Ste 104 West Covina, CA, USA, +1 626-384-3886

Homemade tagliatelle | ©Vincenzo's Terrazza Ristorante
Homemade tagliatelle | ©Vincenzo’s Terrazza Ristorante

Vincenzo’s Terrazza Ristorante

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Opened in 2012, Vincenzo’s is one of West Covina’s finest restaurants. It’s located on Mclntyre Square and specializes in authentic fine Italian cuisine, serving both lunch and dinner from Mondays to Saturdays. All of the dishes are cooked from scratch and many who recommend the restaurant often give extra compliments on their extensive wine list and exceptional service. The restaurant serves a standard menu as well as daily seasonal specials, including dishes like the pictured homemade tagliatelle with fresh scallops, asparagus and squid ink sauce.

M.Y.O Sushi

Restaurant, Japanese
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Jeun Tong Banchan Tofu
Jeun Tong Banchan Tofu | ©Samantha Celera/Flickr
For lovers of sushi and Japanese cuisine, M.YO. Sushi is West Covina’s best spot. They serve lunch and dinner all week long, and all of their meals come with miso soup, salad and two sides. What makes the restaurant exceptionally great is that the food is high quality while the prices are incredibly affordable. The menu includes classic as well as creative sushi rolls and bowls ranging from salmon sashimi to hanger steak. In addition to meals, the spot is popular for fresh fruit smoothies. You can create these yourself by choosing and mixing from a selection of their seasonal fruits.

Jeun Tong Tofu House

Restaurant, Korean, $$$
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One of West Covina’s most popular traditional Asian restaurants is Jeun Tong Tofu House, which specializes in Korean cuisine. Despite the name, the menu isn’t limited to tofu but includes many dishes with spicy pork and barbecue beef ribs. A popular thing to try is one of their variations of hot stone bibimbap, which is a traditional Korean bowl of rice and sautéed vegetables with seasonings, soy sauce, chili pepper paste and additions like eggs and meat. The restaurant is located right next to Walnut Hills Plaza Shopping Center and open for lunch and dinner Mondays to Saturdays.

Pacific Fish Grill

Restaurant, Seafood
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Like a grill away from home, Pacific Fish serves healthy seafood, chicken, steak and vegetarian dishes in a lively atmosphere. In addition to main dishes and sides, they have a well-rounded selection of lighter snacks like tacos, burritos and salads. The environment is fun and comfortable, and it’s known as one of the best place to go for casual but high quality, flavorful seafood. Many locals love the restaurant for their special in house sauces and salad dressings made from scratch. In addition to the West Covina restaurant, there are other spots in Downey and Chino Hills, which is where the first Pacific Fish Grill got its start in 2008.

Brody’s Hawaiian BBQ

Restaurant, $$$
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If you’re a fan of Hawaiian cuisine, barbecue flavorings or both, Brody’s is where you should head. The concept started from three friends grilling their unique dishes at local markets and events, during which their popularity continued to grow and they went on to establish four permanent set-ups throughout southern California as well as a restaurant in West Covina. Brody’s is open everyday from lunch to dinner, serving fresh homemade marinated chicken, steak, short ribs, shrimp and fish with a Hawaiian twist.

Misky Misky

Restaurant, Peruvian, $$$
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Tofu at One Veg World
Tofu at One Veg World | ©Joits/Flickr
If you’re in the mood to try something new, Misky Misky might be the perfect option. It’s a Peruvian restaurant serving authentic homemade seafood dishes with a modern twist. Owned by a husband and wife duo, the atmosphere of the restaurant is upscale but at the same time warm, friendly and comfortable. The couple also have another popular restaurant called Mr. Pollo, which serves special Peruvian chicken dishes. Their new Misky Misky opened in 2014 and focuses on seafood and ceviche, which is a Latin American dish made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices.

One Veg World

Restaurant, Vegan
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One Veg World is one of the city’s healthiest dining options and an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. All dishes are plant-based, the staff is positive and friendly, and the environment is true to green values. Awarded by the LA Times to County of Los Angeles and the California State Legislature among others, the restaurant has gained an honorable status since opening in 2004. There’s a wide variety of world cuisines available on the menu from Asian to Latin American, making it an interesting restaurant option for non-vegetarians as well.

Café Valer

Cafe, Deli, American
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For a light bite in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, Café Valer is one of the city’s best. The cafe is family owned and operated, and open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all of the coffee breaks needed in between. The menu includes salads, signature panini, pizzas, deli sandwiches and specialty wraps. On the drinks side, they have an impressively long espresso list and also serve fresh smoothies. For something sweet to go with your coffee or meal, they have freshly baked cheesecakes and cookies. For the super health-conscious, there’s a selection of nutritious, protein-rich snacks.