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Top 10 Restaurants In Pleasanton, California

Top 10 Restaurants In Pleasanton, California

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located just 40 miles outside of San Francisco, Pleasanton is a bustling suburb with a few tricks up its sleeve. While most people might assume that they would have to go into the city for great food, Pleasanton has a variety of great places for an excellent bite to eat. We pick the top 10 restaurants in this East Bay city.

De La Torre

De La Torre serves traditional Italian food from a variety of Italian regions. Classic and well-loved Italian dishes are consistently excellent and always spot-on, while the daily specials add a bright new element to the menu. Each day, the chef offers dishes that showcase fresh, local ingredients in creative ways. Pair your meal with the perfect wine from De La Torre’s wine list, which features a wide selection from local Northern California and Italian wineries.

De La Torre, 6025 W Las Positas Blvd, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 484 3878

Forno Vecchio

In downtown Pleasanton, Forno Vecchio is another restaurant serving excellent Italian food. This restaurant, however, takes some creative license with Italian flavors, fusing some more western ingredients and techniques into the mix. The family run restaurant is always friendly and eager to make each guest feel welcomed.

Forno Vecchio, 680 Main St, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 425 0099

Hap’s Original

Hap’s Original is about as American as you can get. The steakhouse proudly serves dry-aged steak and superbly fresh seafood. Along with a variety of hand-cut steaks, guests can choose sides like scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and thick cut onion rings. The kitchen uses locally sourced produce to ensure freshness and superior flavor.

Hap’s Original, 122 Neal St, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 600 9200

Korean Village

Pleasanton isn’t all Italian and American food. Korean Village brings the vibrant flavors of Eastern Asia from a family that is eager to share an important piece of their culture. The restaurant is tucked into a strip mall and could be easily missed, but locals know that this place is worth discovering. Favorite menu items include the kimchi soup, bulgogi, and bibimbap, a colorful mix of rice, meat and vegetables in a bowl.

Korean Village, 1807 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 426 0925

Lokanta Grill & Bar

Lokanta Grill & Bar describes its food as, ‘Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine.’ Whatever they call it, the combination of flavors and ingredients from the regions of the Eastern Mediterranean has become a hit with locals. Since opening in 2012, Lokanta has become a favorite for people looking for a different fusion of flavors than can be found anywhere else in town.

Lokanta Grill & Bar, 443 Main St, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 223 8074

Mix & Eat Bobs House

The name of this restaurant is certainly a mouthful, and the menu reflects the same kind of strange jumble of things. Mix & Eat Bobs House is a fascinating little restaurant with an ambitious menu. At Mix & Eat Bobs House, one diner can enjoy a fresh-baked pie while another enjoys traditional Korean bibimbap and kimchi.

Mix & Eat Bobs House, 5321 Hopyard Rd, Pleasanton, CA, USA, +1 925 847 1700

Nonni’s Bistro

At Nonni’s Bistro, the resident chef has created a menu of American fare, with decidedly European influence