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The Top 10 Coffee Spots In San Francisco
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The Top 10 Coffee Spots In San Francisco

Picture of Lindsay Cooper and Juan Romero
Updated: 9 February 2017
San Franciscans love their coffee. Knowing where the organic beans are farmed and the precise methodology in which they are brewed is all part of the culture in this city. Unabashedly praising one local spot over the others is a common pastime. Below are a list of the top 10 coffee spots in San Francisco.
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Front Café

At Front Café, coffee is more than a way to wake up in the morning; it’s an art form. Their all-organic and sustainable coffee beans are not just selected by country but by farm. The beans are roasted in-house and regularly tested for quality and taste. The cafe boasts a gorgeous minimal design with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The outdoor seating area allows for a pet-friendly environment under a canopy of trees. Front Café also hosts monthly taste workshops.

Front Café, 150 Mississippi St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 437 6822

Photography by Juan Romero
Four Barrel Coffee | © Photography by Juan Romero
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Four Barrel

One of the most quintessential coffee shops in San Francisco, Four Barrel is a must-visit establishment. The two locations boast comfortable seating with a rustic design aesthetic. No WiFi or charging stations for laptops allows consumers to exist blissfully present inside the cafe. The coffee is strong and flavorful and the pastries are bites of heaven.

Four Barrel, 375 Valencia St., SF, CA, USA +1 415 896 4289

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Linea Caffe

Linea Caffe is a local favorite in the Mission, brewing award- winning coffee from the world’s leading farmers. Make sure to try the Mocha as the rich chocolate is a popular pick. The minimal design and the absence of angular corners gives the cafe a charming atmosphere. In addition to brewing a fantastic cup of Joe, Linea shares space with a waffle shop inside of the cafe called Lt. Waffles, famous for their scrumptious Brussels-style waffles.

Linea Caffe, 3417 18th St San Francisco, CA, USA

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Ritual Coffee Roasters

One of the first cafes to start “the coffee revolution” in San Francisco, Ritual’s doors opened in 2005 in the Mission District and still holds its place as one of the best locations to get a cup of coffee in the city. All four locations showcase a similar aesthetic, clean and simple with light wood and bright red walls. Perfect for hanging with friends or to do a little work or studying. The pour-over coffee is rich and flavorful, so much so that you might not even need to add milk and sugar.

Ritual Coffee Roasters, 1026 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 641 1011

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Philz Coffee

This San Francisco staple is one of the more-well known coffee shops in the city, having been voted “Number One Best Coffee Shop” in SF Weekly multiple years in a row. With a variety of coffee beans divided by strength and temperature, there are many delicious choices to indulge in at Philz Coffee. The most popular pick is the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee, with fresh mint leaves to pack in a punch of flavor. With 19 locations and counting, you couldn’t miss them if you tried.

Philz Coffee, 3101 24th St. at Folsom St., San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 875 9370

Photography by Juan Romero
Saint Frank Coffee | © Photography by Juan Romero
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Saint Frank

The natural sunlight paired with the tall white walls makes this a wonderfully bright and happy spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. With genuinely friendly baristas, and an originally-designed espresso machine, this location serves out one gorgeous cup of coffee after another. Uniquely, Saint Frank also offers coffee “flights” where you can sample a melee of caffeinated goodness.

Saint Frank, 2340 Polk Street, San Francisco, USA +1 415 775 1619

Contraband Coffee Bar

A charming, cozy little spot up in Nob Hill, Contraband is everything you want in a cup of coffee – fresh and flavorful. Coffees are served in mugs, mason jars and sometimes beakers. Seating comes in the form of a big common table, enabling a more neighborly feel to the establishment. There are breakfast options aplenty including the bacon doughnut from Dynamo. The Flat White is a popular choice among the locals, as it is not as commonly found in other cafes compared to the traditional cappuccino or latte.

Contraband Coffee Bar, 1415 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 839 7388

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Blue Bottle

One of the most successful brands in coffee, Blue Bottle’s delicious roast can also be sampled in cafes in both Los Angeles and New York. Originally from Oakland, many cafes in San Francisco proudly serve Blue Bottle coffee as their house brew. The company proudly stands by a 48-hour rule, where customers will only drink from beans that have been roasted within the past 48 hours, ensuring the ultimate freshness.

Blue Bottle, 4270 Broadway, Oakland, CA, USA +1 510 435 7350

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Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds is the outlier on this list. Not necessarily known for their coffee, this cafe’s shining star is the ambiance. Dark and cluttered with various bric-à-brac, it’s the perfect spot for rainy days and a good book. A cozy couch and a bookshelf make for a perfect Sunday resting spot, not to mention its close proximity to the Haight area, making it a great location for people watching.

Sacred Grounds, 2095 Hayes St., San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 387 3859

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Sightglass is one of the more popular coffee sipping spots in the city. Not only do they make a scrumptious cup of coffee, but walking through their doors is also an experience. The Soma location, for example, showcases baristas brewing cups in the center of a gorgeous two story, warehouse space, full of light and overall good vibes.

Sightglass, 270 Seventh Street San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 861 1313