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Top 10 Brunch Spots In Santa Rosa, California
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Top 10 Brunch Spots In Santa Rosa, California

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Updated: 26 November 2016
Santa Rosa is known for local restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients. Stopping at any of these delightful brunch places is recommended after a early morning hike or before exploring the town’s unique art culture.
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Adel’s Restaurant

It’s hard to miss Adel’s, as it’s located at a busy intersection on College Avenue. If you happen to miss the normal brunch hour, you can stop by any time since Adel’s serve brunch all day. The mimosas are a refreshing cure after a long night and go great with every item on the menu. Adel’s has a classic American diner feel, and every dish comes out fresh and in portions that match the prices.

Adel’s Restaurant, 456 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 578 1003

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Jeffrey’s Hillside Café

Jeffery’s Hillside Café is a small local spot that’s connected to a hotel. It doesn’t seem like much from the outside, but it is welcoming and bright once you step through the door. The owner and chef decided to open up his own place that focused on his two favorite meals of the day: breakfast and lunch. The menu and food reflects his love for both meals. With big portions and local food on your plate, you’ll appreciate the cheery staff and hands-on owners that make this a perfect spot for brunch.

Jeffery’s Hillside Café, 2901 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 546 6317

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Dierk’s Parkside Café

Dierk’s Parkside Café is located right off Santa Rosa Avenue, and it can be easy to miss with its tiny parking lot. Don’t be fooled, though, because the tall ceilings make it spacious inside, and it has seating at a bar where you can see exactly what’s happening in the kitchen. The staff is very attentive, and full of excellent conversationalists; despite limited seating, there’s a quick turn-around rate. Each plate comes with enough to take home. Go for a classic pancake breakfast or for the much talked-about Sonoma duck confit.

Dierk’s Parkside Café, 404 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

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Naked Pig

This greyhound station-turned-restaurant boasts a farm-to-table menu that changes according to what’s in season. The Naked Pig has classic plates with pancakes, bacon, and eggs, but it also serves brunch with a twist, including items like pheasant and waffles with bacon in the batter. The atmosphere is rustic with a modern twist, giving it a hipster ambiance. The Naked Pig attracts a lot of locals and tourists, so there can be a long wait for a table, but its unique and seasonal menu makes it worth the wait.

The Naked Pig, 435 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 978 3231

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The Spinster Sisters

The Spinster Sisters offers the traditional comfort food with a New-Age twist. It’s open seven days a week but only serves brunch on the weekends. The brunch is something to look forward to during the week, though, with everything from doughnuts to a wilted kale salad. While you’re there, you can leave a note on the bathroom chalk walls. With the laid-back attitude and adventurous menu, this is a spot that will fulfill anyone looking for a well-rounded brunch with a modern twist.

The Spinster Sisters, 401 S A St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 528 7100

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The Omelette Express

A favorite among locals, The Omelette Express is almost a historical landmark in Santa Rosa having been open for 35 years. It’s tucked away in Downtown Santa Rosa and has a vintage feel to it, with car ends on the wall and a Peanuts character standing outside to greet you. It serves the traditional American breakfast with portions that are sure to keep you full till dinner. It also serves lunch, but it’s mostly known for the namesake, and it has a variety of omelette combinations to pick from.

The Omelette Express, 112 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 525 1690

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Hank’s Creekside Restaurant

Hank’s Creekside Restaurant is located right along a creek – hence the name – which can be seen from the windows in the back, making it a place with brunch and a view. It serves the American comfort food breakfast and lunch, with a friendly staff and a casual atmosphere, and the view of the creek makes it relaxing, as well. It’s the perfect place to go for a classic diner brunch, and the food is sure to leave you feeling full and warm for the day. Make sure to get there before the rush of locals to find a good parking spot.

Hank’s Creekside Restaurant, 2800 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 575 8839

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Page’s Diner

Located on College Avenue, Page’s Diner serves the classic American breakfast at a good price. It has blueberry pancakes and eggs Benedict and is known for quick service despite being busy during the breakfast rush. Page’s Diner also doesn’t skimp when it comes to portion sizes. A variety of drinks are available, as well, from standard black coffee to a chocolate shake with an espresso shot in it. The menu is big and sure to have something to please any brunch goer.

Page’s Diner, 1039 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 579 8479

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Worth Our Weight

Eating brunch here feeds the body and the soul. Not only does it have remarkable food, Worth Our Weight provides free culinary and food service training for young adults who have had a challenging past. It has a casual atmosphere that’s enhanced by the mismatched tables and enthusiastic servers. Enjoy the classic brunch menu and the jam that’s given as a small gift when brunch is over. Worth Our Weight also offers a variety of pastries to enjoy during the wait for the entrées.

Worth Our Weight, 1021 Hahman Dr, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 544 1200

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Flavor Bistro

The Flavor Bistro gives the classic brunch a French twist and has what could be called an ‘exciting’ menu. It offers the classic breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, and toast, as well as a breakfast gnocchi and pizza for the more adventurous brunch goer. Mimosas and a notable wine selection are also available to go with one of the many dishes from the sizable menu. Flavor Bistro is spacious enough to take a large party and has outdoor seating that makes it an ideal brunch spot on a sunny morning.

Flavor Bistro, 96 Old Courthouse Sq, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 573 9600