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A Look At Tom Hanks’ Bay Area Pride

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Updated: 9 February 2017
From donating money to local causes to supporting local actors, Tom Hanks has done it all in hopes of making his home turf, the San Francisco Bay Area, a better place to live.

Hanks is no stranger to California. He was born in Concord and moved to Oakland, where he attended high school. After high school, Hanks ended up in Hayward for college. Tom Hanks was in the Bay Area from 1956-77; that’s over two decades. And his time there was not wasted.

Hanks loves the theater. Because of this, he is known to help out his fellow Bay Area actors. In 2010, Hanks donated money to the Red Bluff State Theater in Red Bluff, Calif. The Red Bluff Theater used half of this donation for construction and refurbishment of the theater, and the other half it gave back to the community. Because of Hanks, this local theater was able become a bigger and better place for actors to flourish.

Theaters are not the only cause Hanks cares about. In 2015, Hanks came across a troop of Girl Scouts in Los Altos and decided to help the girls out by buying boxes of their famous Girl Scout cookies, donating additional money, and posing for pictures with the scouts. This local troop was able to sell a lot of cookies, and now the members have a great story to tell about their time as Girl Scouts in the Bay Area.

Along with his donations to multiple charities and programs, Hanks also offers something else to people of the Bay Area that not many other celebrities offer: care and support during hard times. In 2015, one of Hanks’ dear friends, Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, passed away. As a show of condolence, Hanks sat down at his typewriter — yes, an actual typewriter — and wrote a letter to the daughters of the late quarterback. In the letter, he talked not only about his feelings for Ken Stabler as a man, but he also discussed how important it was that Stabler came from another state, but ended up playing football in the Bay Area; he used the story to emphasize how great the United States is as a country. With this show of support, Hanks showed how fond he is of the Bay Area, and how (even though he travels a lot and loves a lot of different places) the Bay Area will always have a special place in his heart.

In addition to Hanks’ support for local theaters, programs, and athletes, he also is a huge supporter of local schools. TomHanks works closely with The Friends of Chabot College Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the school that Hanks himself once attended. He works with the foundation to help raise the money necessary to be able offer scholarships and to support on-campus activities that are beneficial for all.

Even though Hanks lives in Hollywood now, he continues to show that he will always be a Bay Area man at heart.