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San Francisco fog © Anthony Quintano/Flickr
San Francisco fog © Anthony Quintano/Flickr
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This New $43 Martini Is Made With San Francisco Fog

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Updated: 28 September 2016
The City by the Bay is taking foodie culture to new heights this summer with an inventive martini made with San Francisco fog. The martini is $43 and can be found at Epic Steak, an upscale steakhouse on the Embarcadero offering brilliant views of the Bay Bridge.

To be specific, the Fog Point Martini is made with Hangar Point’s Fog Point vodka, which was released earlier in 2016. This drink sounds dubious at best, and perhaps in any other city it would not be so well received, but San Francisco has a well-documented history of affection toward its notorious fog, dubbing the phenomenon Karl. Karl the Fog has become a beloved character in the city’s day-to-day activities, with a personality displayed on his various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Locals love to interact with Karl, arguing with him over days of teeth-rattling cold, or begging him to return from vacation during heat waves.

While it is an extreme luxury to pay $43 for the privilege of saying that you’ve tasted San Francisco fog, the jury is still out on whether or not the martini actually tastes like fog. According to Hangar One’s head distiller, ‘The vodka has a lot of grape characteristics… [the fog adds] salinity and earthiness.’ On a mission to test the martini, SF Chronicle’s Esther Mobley had a lot to say about the vodka. ‘There is something distinctly botanical about Fog Point vodka… with a sweet aroma that suggests a dewy flower petal. Faintly, I can smell rose, verbena. On the palate, it’s round, delicate, clean. Its glassy texture builds to a chalkiness on the finish, giving the impression of minerality.’

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The Hangar Point vodka itself is sold in bottles for $125 each, and the martini contains three ounces of it. If you’d prefer, you can purchase an ounce of Fog Point alone at Epic Steak for $23.