This LA Ice Cream Museum Is All Your Childhood Dreams

Museum of Ice Cream LA | © Culture Trip
Museum of Ice Cream LA | © Culture Trip
Did you ever dream of devouring endless tubs of ice cream or bathing in chocolate sprinkles as a kid? Well, now you can make your wildest ice cream fantasies come true in Los Angeles.

The Museum of Ice Cream, which hosted a pop-up in New York last summer, is opening its new location in LA’s artsy DTLA district on Saturday April 22. A huge number of installations—all about ice cream, of course—will fill up the museum’s huge space. And they’re pretty irresistible: take the “banana split”, made up of 10,000 “bananas”, a mint “grow house”, a melted popsicle jungle and last but not least—a swimmable sprinkle pool filled with one hundred million sprinkles.

The museum’s previous pop-up location in New York sold out within five days and attracted a 200,000-strong waiting list—so better get booking if you want to experience this ice cream heaven! Tickets sell for $29, but remember to book online as you won’t be able to buy them at the door.

This Museum of Ice Cream runs in this location until May 29, 2017.