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This Is The San Francisco Foodie To Follow On Instagram
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This Is The San Francisco Foodie To Follow On Instagram

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Updated: 14 July 2016
Follow @hungrygems on Instagram for your daily dose of food porn, curated by San Francisco instagrammers Lauryn D’Angelo & Hannah Holdren. They’ve got a great variety of meal inspiration, including tons of SF restaurants you need to check out as well as dishes you can make from home with fresh & local ingredients. Sprinkle in some fitness & inspirational quotes, and you’ll be left feeling healthy and motivated for the week ahead. See below for some of our favorite @hungrygems posts.

“What’s cooking: bison burger, sausage from @marinameats, green beans, beet salad, avocado and @juiceshopsf to wash it all down. How’s Wednesday treating you?!”

“#TBT to approximately two days ago when the best (and prettiest) almond butter and honey toast was consumed. You know this is damn good toast when it’s still on your mind 48 hours later…”

“When your mom’s last vacation wish is for a caramel apple cruffin… you obviously oblige her. And photograph her food. And take a hefty bite. This is one killer cruffin, @mrholmesbakehouse.”

“Oh hello, whole rotisserie chicken, half peri peri and half Mediterranean herb at new fav spot @spinneriesf! Paired with side salads beet, citrus and goat cheese and kale and apple with coconut (hummus too, duh), this was a satisfying fix for #HungryGems.”

“Sometimes on any given Wednesday you just want to bust out the pizza stone and make a homemade gluten free pizza with kale and mini meatballs and goat cheese, YA KNOW? The pre-bake before shot…”

“Seriously though: just when everyone thought avocado toast was THE BEST THING EVER, @huxley_sf had to lather UNI on there and take bread to a whole other level. Mind. Blown.”

“Can you EVEN with the cuteness that is this baby pineapple? Not only is it adorable, it’s extra sweet — and you can eat the core, unlike its bigger friend. Summer fruits never disappoint!”

“A perfectly pleasing (pretty!) parfait. We both have a serious fruit addiction! What’s your current fav?”

“Get our yoga fix at @lornajaneactive with @fitmobapp tonight! No fur vests were harmed in the taking of this photo.”

“Everything about this. It’s never too late. Trust yourself, trust the process, and find that silver lining whenever humanly possible.”