These Are the Best Hot Springs to Soak up in SoCal

Soaking in a hot spring is offers multiple health benefits.
Soaking in a hot spring is offers multiple health benefits. | Soaking l © Pexels/Pixabay
Photo of Dominic Bertolami
Freelance Writer19 April 2018

Hot springs located near southern California—specifically Los Angeles—offer a swift sabbatical from the commotion of the bustling city. The stress-relieving qualities of a relaxing soak will soothe and revitalize both the mind and the body.

These hot springs located close to Los Angeles are ideal for a rejuvenating day trip, a short romantic getaway, or a change of pace during a family vacation.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Deep Creek Hot Springs | © Levi Clancy / WikiCommons
Located just 93 miles (149 km) outside of Los Angeles in Apple Valley, California, this rugged oasis is a well-known haven for a relaxing getaway. The secluded, clothing-optional atmosphere has made it a hot spot for those seeking a commune with nature since the early 1960s. Catch some sun on the rocky beaches or spend the day soaking and chatting with the variety of characters who frequent the spring’s multiple pools. Whether in need of a break from life or looking for a bit of adventure, take a day to explore this unique and refreshing destination.

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  • Saline Valley Warm Springs

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    Saline Valley Warm Spring | © Gedstrom / WikiCommons

    Located in the middle of Death Valley National Park, the Saline Valley Warm Springs is a destination for those seeking a multiple-day camping adventure. With the right amount of supplies and experience, this secluded desert sanctuary is worth the journey. Through years of volunteer work, the site includes concrete tubs, a shower with a sink for washing, and three meticulously maintained bathrooms. The fire pit and multiple art installations scattered throughout the property create an eclectic, community-oriented atmosphere. Stay for a short vacation here and leave with memories which last a lifetime.

    Tecopa Springs

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    Steam springs | © Hameg/Pixabay

    South of Death Valley, the town of Tecopa sits on a hot springs-rich stretch of desert. This small town offers multiple campgrounds and RV resorts boasting private hot pools and opportunities for bathing. For those seeking a budget-friendly option for soaking, the Tecopa Mud Baths and nearby Tecopa Hot Tub are free of charge and a piping 105°F (40°C). The mineral-rich water leaves the skin feeling slick and renewed, while the muddy pool floors exfoliate and regenerate. These modest natural baths offer a unique opportunity for a relaxing night-time soak or a quick roadside stop.

    Matilija Hot Springs

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    Natural spring | © emosaidis / Pixabay

    Matilija Hot Springs (a.k.a Ecotopia Matilija Hot Springs Sanctuary) is a natural healing sanctum in the mountains of Ojai in Southern California. Booking through the Ecotopia website, entrance to this easily-accessed roadside haven is by appointment only. The $20 entry fee helps in maintaining the grounds, hot spring and local garden. Just 82 miles (131km) from Los Angeles, this beautifully-preserved spring is an ideal day trip for the time-conscious traveler or a short weekend refresh.

    Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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    Poolside | © Thought Catalogue / Unsplash
    Located just 57 miles (91km) from Los Angeles in Corona, California, this all-inclusive natural spring and spa retreat was originally founded in 1860. Spend a long afternoon lounging with friends while sipping cocktails by the pool. From the outdoor red-clay mud baths (known as Club Mud) to the skin-softening bliss of its many mineral tubs and relaxing dry sauna, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy a healthy meal at the onsite Café Solé, or book a facial and massage. With free admission for birthdays, the laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff will guarantee a revitalizing stay.